image sourced from Social Brands' website. Please click on the link to support them. Vancouver needs to wake up and smell the hops! It’s time once again for the release of Granville Island’s limited edition Imperial India Pale Ale. Locals would prefer to call this Vern’s Imperial IPA but we can all agree this is a really good beer.

Brewery Description of Granville Island Imperial India Pale Ale

Granville Island Brewing is calling all hopheads with the release of its big, bold and flavourful Imperial IPA. In this highly-anticipated beer’s debut last year, the online and in-store response was so strong that GIB decided to make it available on a larger scale in 2012. “Imperial IPA is packed with lots of flavour, says Granville Island Brewing brewmaster Vern Lambourne. “We use 4 varieties of Pacific Northwest hops for bittering, flavour and aroma with notes of marmalade, citrus peel and pine. This brew has an assertive 100 BUs of bitterness that Imperial IPA enthusiasts will love.

With so much flavour, Imperial IPA is best enjoyed on its own or paired with bold-flavoured foods such as a rich Indian butter chicken or spicy Thai beef curry. This brew also balances out the heat in slow-cooked barbecued ribs with a peppercorn rub or other strongly smoked meats with lots of spices and pepper. The bitterness of Imperial IPA’s citrus peel layers cut through aged, sharp cheddar or the pungent tang of a Stilton with delicious results. You can even have Imperial IPA with dairy-based, rich desserts. Try it with a creamy white chocolate cheesecake topped with raspberry compote.

Look for this beer to be featured at the Granville Island Gift Shop and BC Liquor Stores throughout the province.

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About Granville Island Brewing (GIB)

Established is 1984, Granville Island Brewing (GIB) is Canada’s first microbrewery offering a variety of West Coast inspired and award-winning beers. Our Limited Release beers combine innovative brewing with all-natural ingredients. Each of these brews is created locally at our small-batch brewery on Granville Island for all those who appreciate unique, extraordinary beer. For more information, visit

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