(Revisited) Beer Review: BC: Swan’s Tessier’s Witbier, Is A Should Try

image of Tessier's Witbier courtesy of our Flickr page Can you recall the last time you enjoyed a Belgian / Belgian-style Wit? Or are you like the majority of people in the Northwest whom rarely see a Wit on the shelves or on draft? Fact is there isn't many breweries that produce a Belgian / Belgian-style Wit. Instead many of us are often forced to consume beers like Blue Moon or Hoegarden.

However while we were in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia; we came across a Belgian-style Wit from Swan Brewing. Located in Victoria BC, Swan's much like the Portland's Crystal Ballroom is a brewery within a hotel.

Suggested Style Guidelines from the Brewer's Association

Belgian white ales are very pale in color and are brewed using unmalted wheat and malted barley and are spiced with corianderand orange peel. Coriander and light orange peel aroma should be perceived as such or as an unidentified spiciness. Phenolicspiciness and yeast flavors may be evident at mild levels. These beers are traditionally bottle conditioned and served cloudy. Anunfiltered starch and yeast haze should be part of the appearance. The low to medium body should have some degree of creaminessfrom wheat starch. The style is further characterized by the use of noble-type hops to achieve low hop bitterness and little to noapparent hop flavor. This beer has no diacetyl and a low to medium fruity-ester level. Mild acidity is appropriate

Our Thoughts
You Should Try It
. Lack of cloudiness not withstanding this beer should be considered during the late summer / early fall days filled with watching baseball, football, or just relaxing with a book. Heading to the grocery store after picking one of these up from the Liquor Store? We suggest you pick up some peppery cheeses (monterey, feta, or edam), some locally sourced oysters or mussels with a bit of lemon garnish. Yum.

image It's not often that you hear about a Belgian-style / Belgian-inspired Wit. And currently it's even more rare when you hear that it's coming from British Columbia. Located in the Swans Suite Hotel and just off506 Pandora Avenue on the island of Victoria, Swan's Brewpub is bistro treat for those willing to take a ferry. But we aren't reviewing their many sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta dishes. We are reviewing one their bottled releases in their Tessier's Witbier.

Named after their dedicated brewer, Tessier's Witbier appears pale golden and clear in the glass. Poured straight down in our 6 ounce glass a two inch off white head forms quickly. And just as quickly as it formed the shaving cream's worth of head leaves behind no evidence it existed.

Aroma is chocked full of lemon peel, bits of orange, and some minor coriander notes.Sipping one can pick up of an overall creaminess with peaks of citrus zest, medium spice, and a dry-hopped finish. Overall Tessier's Witbier has a mild to medium weight to it and it is a little bit dry.

Thoughts by your Colleagues

Given that Swan’s Tessier’s Witbier currently only distributes in Canada this bottle was purchased at the Viti Wine and Lager, liquor store (900 Seymour Street Vancouver BC V6B 3L9). One of the very few liquor stores that has probably one of the better beer selections in Vancouver.


About the photo’s author
Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.

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