image of Stagger Lee from Crispin Cider courtesy of our Flickr page A word of caution to regular readers of this site, this is this writer's first foray into Cider reviews. What does that mean? Well to be honest it pretty much means you're going to get my unbiased (inexperienced), thoughts. In short I am writing from the hip with only my impressions and thoughts to dictate whether this cider is worth it or not.

Cider Description

Boom, Boom. A big, bold swaggering cider, blended to the edge of dangerous. An American original. An authentic American rock ‘n roll cider.

Blended 3 times, using apple-wines aged in American rye whiskey barrels – Colfax Classic apple-wine plus a “Forbidden Fruit” experimental wit-style yeast fermentation. Final blend with unfiltered fresh-pressed Gravenstein apple juice.

ABV: 6.9%

Poured Appearance: Whiskey Cloudy. Slightly opaque.

Color: Rich golden orange.

Aroma: Mild moonshine Tennessee woods, soft spicy rye whiskey, ripe apple.

Flavor: Dry, subtly spicy rye whiskey, butterscotch, faint banana & ripe apple with mild apple-skin tannins. Full bodied sexy finish.

Final Blend 63% fermented apple-wine, 23% Gravenstein fresh-pressed apple juice.

Unfiltered & blended from apple-wine straight from the rye whiskey barrels. Give a solid, firm bottoms-up tilt and swirl to disperse sediment evenly to best enjoy whiskey aromas and unique bouquet. Best enjoyed at cellar temperature, 50/55F, with or without 1 or 2 ice cubes.

Stagger Lee is most certainly worthy of aging in your cellar.

image Our Thoughts
You Should Try This
. Admittedly this is our first barrel-aged cider, but we have to say that it's worth having one of these in the fridge when too many 'Wild' ales or IPAs have wrecked your palate. Paired with holiday dressing, some poultry, or by itself; Stagger Lee is worth a sip & then some.

Full Review

Crispin's Stagger Lee upon first examination appears a dirty-pale with a strong unfiltered (opaque) appearance.

Most of you are already thinking “eh, it’s cider, so what?" But taking that first smell reminds you this isn’t just aged apple juice. With aromas of mostly Red Delicious apples you have to take a moment to pick up the barrel-aging that went into making this a unique cider.

Taking the first sip one picks up notes of apple skin, semi-sour apples, butterscotch, and minor hints of spice. Overall Crispin's Stagger Lee is a dry cider with a medium weight to it as it rests on the palate and there is some minor stickiness.

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