Alehouse News: WA: Introducing The Publican. The latest creation from Matt Bonney & Matt Vandenberg

image of The Publican's 'soft opening' 2011-12-23 courtesy of our Flickr page Review generated after a preview of The Publican, pre-Christmas 2011

On a cold, mist-filled night; this writer had the pleasure of visiting Bandelero's successor, The Publican. Located on the corner of North 56th and Kirkwood Place North, The Publican is the latest project from the same guys who gave us Bottleworks bottleshop and Brouwer's Cafe.

Admittedly when we first heard of another public house being open by the same guys that owned Brouwer's Cafe we were feeling both eager and a skeptical. It's easy to be eager when you consider that Brouwer's Cafe has become a craft beer landmark in the city of Seattle as well as the Northwest. To the purest there will never be anything close to Horse Brass Pub (nor should there be) but for those in the Emerald City, Brouwer's is the best. On the other hand I can't help but wonder what 'the Matts' might do with a much smaller, single story building, that once hosted Bandelero.

Walking in it's apparent that the main focus by Matt Bonney & Matt Vandenberg is promoting spirits. Featured prominently against it's western wall is a remarkable, all-wood, bar; with single malt scotch, bourbon, whiskey (or whisky), tequila, and many other spirits. And in a sort of reversal of Brouwer's Cafe The Publican features its draft selection of 22 mostly American / Northwest craft beers. In fact one should that you will hardly-ever find a Belgian-style / Belgian ales featured at The Publican. There are a few other options but we prefer to let you discover these for yourself.

We have to say that anyone presuming a grandiose design similar to Brouwer's Cafe can continue being a frequent visitor of 400 North 35th Street. Instead what has been created can be described as warm, cozy, with a strong attention to minimalistic tones and design.

But I haven't even gotten to the food menu which as of this story features items like Belgian-style Frites, Waffles w/ Battered Chicken Tenderloins (on top of Sausage Gravy and Maple Syrup), Field Green Salad with roasted Walnuts & Vinaigrette Dressing, or a hearty Lamb Burger. But let's not forget that The Publican features All-Day Breakfast Menu for those getting off work or needing an excuse to have eggs and bacon at 4 in the Afternoon.

Although the menu was still in-progress I also learned that some of the additional items include, corned beef & hash, Belgian waffles, as well as a few Seattle-inspired dishes as well. Be sure to ask about the locally sourced sausage, beef, and lamb.

So if all this sounds absolutely worthwhile we ask that you head over to 2253 North 56th Street between the hours of 10:00 AM & 12:00 AM (Midnight). A couple of gotchas. The Publican is a 21 and over establishment so regrettably no young ones allowed. And the kitchen typically remains open till 10 PM, most days.

The Publican
2253 North 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98103


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