Charity Preview: OR: Laurelwood Brewery “Sandy” donates 10% of sales to help the Hollywood Theater install new seats. 11/30

Portland, OR – Doing anything on Wednesday November 30th? We guessed as much. If you could, steer the bus, your bike, car, or two legs to 5115 N.E. Sandy Blvd.

Starting at 11:00 AM and throughout the day (till 11 PM), Laurelwood is lending the Hollywood Theater a financial hand. How are they doing it you ask? The answer is simple. 10% of their sales from that Wednesday will be sent to the theater to help purchase and install new seats.

If you are up near the brewery, stop in and buy a pint, a sandwich, or a whole three course experience, all in the name of supporting the theater that gave the Hollywood neighborhood it’s name.

Wednesday November 30th, 2011 11 AM – 11:00 PM
Laurelwood Brewery’s Ergonomic Stimulus for the Hollywood Theater.
5115 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213 (503) 282-0622

About the Hollywood Theater

The Hollywood Theatre is an important landmark for the Portland area and gave the Hollywood neighborhood its name. Originally a 1,500-seat venue, the Hollywood has experienced many transformations since its completion in 1926. Designed by architects Harry Herzog and John V. Bennes, the Hollywood was the last venue in Portland built both as a vaudeville house and as a movie theatre. Because sound did not come to the big screen until well into1927, the theatre space was configured to accommodate an eight piece orchestra and an organist to accompany the silent films. A variety of live acts filled out the evening’s entertainment. In the early 1960′s the Hollywood was transformed into the first Cinerama theatre in the Pacific Northwest. This ultra-widescreen film format required the addition of two projection booths and a huge wrap-around screen. After the novelty of Cinerama had dissipated and more cost effective wide screen formats were developed, more changes occurred. In 1975 walls and projection booths were built to divide the Theatre’s balcony and create three separate auditorium spaces. The Theatre currently includes a 444-seat main auditorium (the original orchestra), a 165-seat venue (one-half of the original balcony), and a 218-seat venue (the other half of the original balcony). All three venues are capable of screening films. The Theatre has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since September 1, 1983. In 1997, Film Action Oregon (FAO) recognized the opportunity to preserve an important part of Oregon’s cultural history by purchasing the Hollywood Theatre. FAO quickly realized the Theatre’s essential role in the surrounding Northeast Portland community. In the fall of1997, Film Action Oregon’s small staff began to transform the neglected second-run theatre back into the thriving community treasure it once had been. In 2011, the non-profit dropped the name Film Action Oregon, and now is just known as the Hollywood Theatre.


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