Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon (Again) … Black Raven Brewing’s Coco Jones Coconut Porter

image courtesy of Black Raven Brewing

Redmond, WA - Listen up. Another batch of that fan favorite Coco Jones Coconut Porter is coming back this Tuesday. That means you better head down to the brewery on Tuesday to get your taste of this rare Northwest treat. Sure you COULD go over to the nearest grocery store for that 'other' Coconut Porter, but how many times can you say you have had a Coco Jones?

Brewed as a brown porter with the addition of freshly toasted coconuts after fermentation. Flavors of caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut mingle together in perfect harmony.

2010 Gold Medal winner at the World Beer Cup Category: "Herb and Spice Beer"

A few gotchas this time around compared to previous releases of this one-off beer. 1. There will be bottles available, maybe the week after the draft release. 2. This is a taproom-only releases. That means no growlers or keg fill requests.

That is all.

Tuesday November 29th, 2011 (425) 881-3020 4:00 PM
Black Raven Brewing Releases Coco Jones
14679 Northeast 95th Street, Redmond, WA

About Black Raven

Ravens have long been held in high esteem by brewers, particularly in the British Isles. A famous London brewery once had a tame “mascot” raven named “Joey” that was thought to bring the brewery good luck. Many years ago while home brewing, our brewer/owner came across an old photo in an online stock photo database entitled “Brewer with tame raven”. That photo was the inspiration for continuing the mystical brewery–raven connection, hence the Black Raven Brewing Company. This photo is now used on the home page of the Black Raven Brewing Company website.

Ravens are common birds in the North Cascade mountain range of western Washington. Black Raven Brewing Company is located in the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range. It is important for us to be a local brewery that puts focus on sourcing Washington grown and produced ingredients. As such, we felt that our brewery name and image should be tied to our state. [more] –source, Black Raven Brewing Co.


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