image sourced from Chuckanut Brewery's websiteBellingham, WA - Today we are happy to announce what recent customer’s of Chuckanut Brewery’s Kitchen learned, there’s a Smoked Porter on draft.

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen at 601 W Holly, Bellingham has just tapped the production of their Chuckanut Smoke Porter to celebrate the fall. Chuckanut Smoke Porter is very distinct in flavor and body. With a delicate smoky aroma and taste this dark brown roasted ale is perfect for our damp NW fall weather. Chuckanut’s Smoke Porter is the first of several wintery style beers Chuckanut will release in the next couple of months. In production currently is the wintery Chuckanut Dunkel Lager to be released just before Thanksgiving.

Here is what Chuckanut’s brewers had to say about this style.

Porter became the most popular style in London pubs in the 1700’s. The hard working porters favored the beer and it soon became known as Porter beer. At less than 5 percent ABV, porter beers are not nearly as fearsome as they appear and are particularly seductive on chilly evenings, especially when the porter uses smoked malts! Chuckanut Smoke Porter carries the roasted malt and smoky flavor with grace to a clean smooth finish.

Creamy sauces are a great match for Smoke Porter with its dark roasted flavor and smoky aroma. Plenty of roast in the porter is picked up from the char flavor of grilling, whether it’s vegetables or meats, they all team up fabulously with Chuckanut Smoke Porter. Meatloaf and reuben sandwiches make the perfect match with porter. Desserts, especially made with chocolate make Smoke Porter really shine. That’s why our Chuckanut Beer Dinner on Nov 6 will feature a Dark Chocolate Mousse Terrine with our Chuckanut Smoke Porter for dessert!

Look for their Smoked Porter to be featured on draft at the '”Kitchen” and potentially on draft at a pub near you.

About Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, located at 601 West Holly St, Bellingham was awarded National Small Brewpub/Brewer of the Year 2009. Chuckanut Brewery makes European style award winning Lagers & Ales. The full service “Kitchen” opens every day starting at 11;30am with a fresh, locally sourced menu for all ages. HoPPY Hours Sun-Thurs 4-6pm, Monday $3 Pints, Kolsch Night Tuesday’s are some of the extra activities offered at the “Kitchen”.


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