image of No. 2 courtesy of our Flickr page For this writer there are too few times when a beer made from the imagination of two breweries comes along. For us that beer was Conflux No. 2, from the minds of Deschutes Brewery and Boulevard Brewing.

Brewery Description

Isn't it how it always works? A few brewers sit around tippling and waxing poetic about what-ifs, wild ideas and untapped dreams when one suddenly proclaims "why not?" So the Conflux series was born, bravely leaping corporate and geographic barriers to jointly explore uncharted beeratory. Cheers, fellow explorers, cheers.

Second in a series, this citrusy, smooth white IPA is a fortuitous meeting of Deschutes' hop skills and Boulevard's deft wheat touch. What's 1,800 miles when a great beer is at stake?

Suggested Guidelines by the Brewers Association

Believe it not this is a hybrid so there isn’t any precedent to work with here. Just enjoy.

image of No. 2 courtesy of our Flickr pageEmerging from 22 ounces of glass bondage, Conflux No. 2 rests in the glass straw gold and with a definite yeast-influenced haze. With a brief passage of time a strong 2 inches of shaving cream colored white froth forms on the surface. Over time however this soon evaporates leaving only dredges of lace, grasping for life millimeters away from the golden depths.

Taking that ceremonial first sniff one picks up notes of lemongrass, coriander, lemon zest and even some orange rind. Sipping eagerly we are initially greeted by that familiar coriander and lemongrass, along with orange & lemon citrus, before a dry finish with bits of Belgian spice. Overall Conflux No. 2 has a medium weight to it as it rests on the tongue and there is a bit of dryness.

Our Thoughts
You Should Have This. We believe that if you have seen this on the shelf somewhere that this would be a good time to pick up a bottle and try this one of a kind collaboration. True there are other Belgian / Belgian-style India Pale Ales, but we feel this is a welcome example of what happens when you combine a Belgian Wit and a Northwest India Pale Ale.

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About the photo’s author
Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.

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