In the News: WA: Beer Junction announces move to new location on California Avenue, effective November 2011

image borrowed from Beer Junction's websiteAs is common for this writer I often read the local news sites to see if there are any interesting stories worth repeating. Known for their strict dedication to all things in the West Seattle neighborhood, the West Seattle blog recently made mention of Morgan Herzog & Beer Junction.

Just after celebrating its first anniversary, The Beer Junction is getting ready to move to a new location.

Though Year 1 has seen “faster than expected” growth, according to owner Morgan Herzog, that’s not why his store is moving.

It’s in one of the buildings that will be torn down for construction of the Conner HomesCalifornia/Alaska/42nd project – considered likely to start next year.

His lease wasn’t ending immediately, but Morgan says he was “excited to jump” at the chance when the perfect new location opened up:

That new location: The Junction’s [sic]formerElectric[sic] Train Shop, which just moved to Burien, and part of the state liquor store (file photo at left), which is moving to a new Junction location in Capco Plaza(41st/Alaska). –source, The West Seattle Blog

We did however manage to speak to someone at the bottleshop. Current plan is to operate at their current location until the date of the move. So you can be assured that leading up to their move, beer will be still on the shelves at their current location (4707 42nd Ave. S.W.).

Admittedly I don’t get over to the West Seattle neighborhood all that often, save for a visit to The Porterhouse, Beveridge Place Pub, or Prost! So we are inviting you to read up on this development, courtesy of the writers at The West Seattle Blog.

West Seattle businesses: The Beer Junction taps new location

Here’s to bigger and better things for Morgan and the Beer Junction.


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