Festival Update: Session Fest: Commitments from Georgetown Brewing and Schooner Exact. And more beer from Boneyard Brewing

Seattle, WA – It’s been a week since our event kicked off and so far this writer / promoter couldn’t have been happier.

During this week we have seen people speak up about both the festival and what their definitions of a ‘session’ beer is. While some argue that a true session is 3.5 there are others that have indicated that the term could be stretched to 5.00%.

However you look at it, the intent has been for Session Fest to allow people the opportunity to enjoy a beer or two without the thought of consequence later on.

Today I am happy to announce that in the past few days we have received commitments from breweries Georogetown Brewery, Schooner Exact, and additional beer from Boneyard Brewing. Whether currently on draft or ‘on deck’, you can look for the following beers to continue your ‘session’ beer experience.

Georgetown Johnny Utah India Pale Ale. 3.99%. Although the name is not complete what the brewery would call it, this light India Pale Ale (an oxymoron to be sure) is currently on draft at the Naked City Brewery & Taphouse. According to the Brewers Association an India Pale Ale (be it American-style or English-style) has to be a minimum 4.50 (Alcohol by Volume) so at 3.99% the term India Pale Ale doesn’t apply. Instead this writer would like to call this a ‘small’ India Pale Ale or at a minimum a hoppy Pale Ale.

image of Girl Beer's logo borrowed from Boneyard Brewing's websiteBoneyard Girl Beer. Dubbed by the brewery as a Beermosa, this 4.30% (4.70% in this year’s batch)  Wheat Ale is quote …

“… re-fermented with a blend of dark sweet and tart Oregon cherries. The use of special malts from Germany lends a slight tartness to balance beautifully wiht the cherries. This ale is very smooth with the body. Although this beer was created with the ladies in mind, it is a favorite among many gentlemen as well. Girl Beer is a perfect beer on a hot summer day! Treat yourself to a pink, fizzy & yummy experience. Bottoms Up !!!”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Look for additional commitments from Schooner Exact and many more.

Get out to Naked City today to enjoy a nice light, hand-crafted ale, lager, or cider! Session Fest lasts till Sunday July 24th.

Want to know more about Session Fest at Naked City? Why not visit the website.


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