Brewery News: OR: Laurelwood Brewing announces their new head brewer.

Laurelwood's 40th Street brewery location, gone but not forgotten. courtesy of Portland, OR – For most the news of Laurelwood’s Chad Kennedy leaving to open his own brewery, might have been a bit of a shock. For others we waited for the third announcement of a brewer to leave (the first being Deschutes’ Larry Sidor). And it didn’t take long for the third brewery transition announcement to come, but we didn’t expect it from the same brewery.

Laurelwood Brewing Co. welcomes its newest team member, Brewmaster Vasilios Gletsos.  Vasili brings tremendous background and knowledge in the brewing industry to the Laurelwood family. His most recent position was with Portland Brewing Co. as the head brewer. Vasili rejuvenated the MacTarnahan’s brand and reengaged the beer drinking community with the 2009 Great American Beer Festival’s gold medal winning amber ale.  Vasili also held positions at Rock Bottom Brewing Co. as an assistant brewer, and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery as a production brewer and later the head brewer.

Not only is Laurelwood’s new Brewmaster seasoned within the industry; he has an extraordinary educational background. Vasili graduated from the Siebel Institute of Technology, the country’s well renowned brewing institution located in Chicago, IL. Vasili also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maine College of Art.

image of Vasili at his former post at Rock Bottom courtesy of Admittedly we stopped in last Friday (July 8th, 2011) and as of that day there was no sign of the ‘new brewer’. However, as long as Vailios maintains beers like Workhorse India Pale Ale or Organics Espresso Stout we will wish all the best.

Congratulations Vasilios.


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