(Revisited) Dinner Thoughts: WA: Lost Abbey & Port Brewing at Art of the Table (circa 8/18/2010)

image of the featured menu during the Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Dinner at Art of the Table courtesy of our Flickr page, Last August I and a small group (about 25) were seated in Dustin Ronspies small dining room for another in his continued Art of the Table hosted dinners. As has been the practice in the past a brewer along with (Click Wholesale Distributing representative) Matt Younts would take you on an experience to learn more about what makes that brewery’s beer so unique when it comes to the art of the food pairing.
The following review was written August 23rd, 2010
Throughout the lifetime of this website there hasn't been much in regards to discussions on dinner with a beer. True, one cannot have a healthy slice of pepperoni-carpeted deep dish without a pilsner-filled pitcher of Chuckanut beer. But writing a beer dinner review is hard when one try's to define an experience where the meal begins and the beer ends.
That Wednesday August 18th Lost Abbey & Port Brewing Co-Founder Tomme Arthur was in town. Although he did visit several bottleshops / grocery stores, the finale of his trip was a visit to Art of the Table as guest host at a dinner featuring his beers.
image of the carmelized onion & chicken liver mousse toast paired Apertif  with Port Hot Rocks Lager during the Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Dinner at Art of the Table courtesy of our Flickr page,Started a couple of years ago by partners Chef Dustin Ronspies and Laurie O'Donnell, Art of the Table is no lunch and dinner restaurant. Located along some busy sidewalks, in Seattle.
Instead it's located just on your way towards North Lake Union, tucked away inside a location where a masseuse studio or chiropractors office seems less foreign. Featured inside is a cozy 24 person establishment offering a rare opportunity to sit down and share conversation with your fellow guests.As someone who has previously attended and enjoyed an Art of the Table beer dinner I couldn't resist.
Featured at this dinner was beers from both Lost Abbey and Port Brewing. As we reviewed the list an aperitif arrived as caramelized onion & chicken liver mousse served on toast and paired with Port Brewing's Hot Rocks Lager.
As was customary with each dish offered both Dustin and the guest host brewer would step forward to explain their pairing. We have included the list for you to review.
image of Summer tomato salad ... paired with Lost Abbey Carnivale Saison Ale during the Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Dinner at Art of the Table courtesy of our Flickr page Summer tomato salad, herb-marinated chevre, radish, arugula, preserved lemon, citrus vinaigrette. Paired with Lost Abbey Carnivale Saison Ale
Mussels with spicy curry broth, coconut milk, fennel, Thai basil. Paired with Port Brewing Wipeout IPA
Housemade spaghetti with caramelized cauliflower, garlic, parsley, pancetta. Paired with Lost Abbey Inferno Ale
image of Housemade Spaghetti  ... paired with Lost Abbey Inferno Ale during the Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Dinner at Art of the Table courtesy of our Flickr pagefourth
Duck leg confit, dried fig gastrique, emmer cake, wilted greens. Paired with Lost Abbey Lost & Found Abbey Ale
Super chocolate-y hazelnut brownie, vanilla ice cream, stewed bourbon cherries. Paired with Port Brewing Older Viscosity.
In the end if we had to have picked a ‘favorite’ it would have been the pairing of the duck leg confit. With dried figs gastrique, emmer cake, and wilted greens; and paired with Lost Abbey’s Lost & Found Ale it couldn’t have been better thought out.
image of Super Chocolate-y hazelnut brownie  ... paired with Port Older Viscosity during the Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Dinner at Art of the Table courtesy of our Flickr page
Special thanks goes out to Tomme Arthur, Matt Younts, Dustin Ronspies, Laurie O’Donell and Phil Lehman.
Want to see more photos from last Augusts’ dinner? Click on the link here to see more
About the photo’s author Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.
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