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Seattle, WA - As we have done in the past we are waiting till the eleventh hour to discuss with you our thoughts regarding this year's Washington Brewers Festival. True most of you already know what you really want but it doesn't hurt to hear someone else attempt to persuade you in another direction.

This year much like previous year's will feature some 40+ Washington breweries on Friday before letting the 'out of towners' inside the park on Saturday and Sunday. However because of this we decided that rather than just list every single brewery (considering there is a list online if you want to look them up) we thought we would just pick some.

  • 7 Seas Brewing Cascadian Dark Ale
    Believe it or not a festival isn’t just an opportunity to sample something that you haven’t had. It’s also a chance to enjoy something that you might not have had in a while. For us this was one of our more favorite beers from back in February. Definitely not one to pass up.
  • American Brewing Breakaway Caboose Oatmeal Stout
    Since their ‘Open House’ back in February we have been anticipating the day when brewer Skip Madsen would be featured behind the jockey box again at WABF. Welcome back Skip.
  • Anacortes Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout
    Call us a sucker for Imperial Stouts but if the weather forecast is any prediction you might need something warm like this black hole in a glass.
  • Big Time Cherry Trombipulator Belgian-style Tripel
    A spin on the Big Time classic. Leave it to Drew Cluley to take something like a Tripel and jazz it up.
  • Black Raven Possum Claus Bourbon Pecan Nut Ale
    Deja Vu all over again as we get another opportunity to sample not only one of Black Ravens first WABF beers but a barrel-aged one to boot.
  • Double Mountain Continental Lager
    The list of Double Mountain beers in Washington state it too few and because of this we are happy whenever something new comes from Hood River, OR. Take our advice this one is worth a token.
  • Fish Brewing Swordfish Cascadian Dark Ale
    If you haven’t picked up on something we are all about the dark. If you know nothing about Cascadian Dark Ales (let alone American-style Black Ales), then this might another good choice to learn. Try this one with some cheese.
  • Flyers Daybreak Breakfast Stout
    Brewer / Co-Owner Tony Savoy took the Stout and added some day old coffee (not literally) and the result is a beer that goes well with a plate of biscuits and gravy or platter of bacon. Enjoy.
  • Fremont The Brother Double India Pale Ale
    For a few months now Matt Lincoln has been tweaking the recipe to best represent Fremont’s definition of an Imperial / Double IPA. Check this one out and give them your honest opinion. They might ask you to come by the beer garden to try the changes.
  • Maritime Pacific Decompression Strong Ale
    This year’s Seattle Beer Week Ale is one month older but we hasn’t lost any of its potency. Try this beer as a finale or as a starter. The choice is really yours.
  • Naked City Yankee Drifter Blond Ale
    One of the lighter beers featured at the festival and if you were going to enjoy something on a warm Friday afternoon this would be it. Stop by the Taphouse in Greenwood sometime if you want to try the rest of their ‘home’ brewed beers.
  • Old School House Hooligan Stout
    Believe it or not this brewery used to be known as Winthrop. But don’t let the breweries roots convince you one way or another of its quality, try the Stout and decide.
  • Ram Restaurant and Brewery Coconut Porter
    A rare beer to find on draft or anywhere. The last time this was enjoyed was several months ago at the restaurant and brewery. Whether you are a fan of porters or coconuts this is a combination not to pass up.
  • Schooner EXACT Brave Horse Pale Ale
    Never been to Brave Horse? Fair enough. Why not at least try their ‘house beer’
  • Sound O'Regans Revenge Irish-style Red Ale
    From the first beer that we had from these guys were amazed. If you want to taste a budding home brewer turned pro, this might be a good start at this year’s festival.
  • Two Beers Trailhead India Session Ale
    Soon to be featured at a certain festival in July this will be a nice preview of what will be on tap at Naked City (fingers crossed).
  • Wingman Bourbon Barrel Porter
    Consider us curious since we have only heard of these guys.

With a list like that you should have no problem not only enjoying what we have suggested but also discover some beers on your own. After all half the fun is trying something. As always please give the brewers a break and if you aren’t sure of a particular beer, take a chance and just lose a token instead of asking for a taste.

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