Festival Preview: OR: Burnside Brewing Hosts the First Annual Fruit Beer Festival 6/11 & 6/12

image courtesy of The Fruit Beer Festival's organizers Portland, OR – Show of hands for those that know the difference between an amber and an alt bier. Keep those hands up. Now how many of you know the difference between a porter and a stout? Are your hands still up? Ok, how many know the different types of fruit beers out there? Me neither.

Then again for this writer we are also regrettably mute when it comes to describing the complexities of a pear or apple cider. But we will discuss that topic another time. Instead we want to remind you that if you haven’t already heard, the First Annual Fruit Beer Festival starts on Saturday the 11th of June at Portland’s Burnside Brewing (details below).

Featuring over 30 different beers from over 15 breweries this unique event will showcase the complexity of a great fruit beer.

Featuring more than 20 different beers from over 15 breweries from the Northwest and beyond, the Portland Fruit Beer Festival is a celebration of the wonderful variety that fruits offer and the incredible and unique beers brewers can make with them. The PFBF will take place June 11th and 12th (Friday and Saturday) in the parking lot of Burnside Brewing. The festival welcomes all ages with free entry, and the Burnside Brewing pub will also be open for regular business, offering dinner and overflow seating from the fest. 15 beers will pour outdoors in the partially covered parking lot. A special few taps will be offered next door in the brewery's production space, featuring extremely rare rotating beers that have very limited availability. Tasting glasses are available for $6 and are required to sample beers at the festival. Tickets are $1 each. A 4oz pour requires 1 ticket, with pints available for 4 tickets on the primary 14-15 beers. The rare rotating taps will range from 1-3 tickets a 4 oz pour. Food options include Tastebud's mobile wood-fired oven and Burnside's own outdoor BBQ, and there will be juice and soda for those not partaking in beer and live entertainment.

Beers and Breweries

Festival organizers approached brewers with the challenge of making original beers using real whole, pureed, or juiced fruits without using any of the extracts or flavorings that have contributed to giving fruit beers a bad name. Brewers stepped up to the plate with beers ranging from Hopworks Belgian Red Delicious Apple Biere to Laurelwood's Asian fruit and Spice beer. Of course Oregon beer drinkers love the hops and fruit beers are notoriously absent of them, but not this time. Hopheads will likely enjoy Breakside Brewery's Mango IPA and Alameda's Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA infused with huckleberries, among others. In all, more than 15 breweries will be participating with over 30 beers to choose from: Burnside Brewing, Hopworks Urban Brewing, Ninkasi, Dogfish Head, Widmer Brothers, New Belgium, Upright, Cascade, Oakshire, Block 15, Laurelwood, Fort George, Breakside, Lompoc, Alameda, Double Mountain and Beetje Brewing.

image courtesy of The Fruit Beer Festival's organizers Outdoor Beer Garden Tap List

  • Alameda Brewing: Huckleberry Hound
    Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA aged and "dry-hopped" with huckleberries.
    ABV: 8.2% IBU's : 103
  • Beetje Brewing: Zure Krenten
    A blend of fresh farmhouse ale, and a pale ale stored in
    a Pinot Noir barrel with champagne currants and dosed with lambic
    blend. Brewed with Pilsner, 2-row, wheat, crystal malts, and light
    touch of noble hops. ABV: 6%
  • Block 15 Brewing: Psidium
    Rustic farmhouse ale matured with guava fruit. Brewed with Belgian Pilsner, French Pale & Wheat malts; Saaz & Citra hops; French farmhouse yeast. 6% alc/vol
  • Breakside Brewing: Mango IPA
    Our flagship IPA brewed with a twist: we tweaked the recipe on our best selling beer to suit it to the flavors of fresh mango. Mango additions in the mash, kettle, hopback, and conditioning tank allow this otherwise-mellow fruit to complement and enhance the Citra, Cascade, and Ahtanum hop profile of this IPA. OG: 1.063 FG: 1.010 ABV: 6.8% IBU: approx. 55
  • Burnside Brewing: Gooseberry Berliner-Weisse
    A slightly tart wheat beer with a mild fruitiness. This brew is lowly hoped ( 2ibu's ) and fermented with a lactic bacteria in addition to the German ale yeast resulting in the slightly sour finish. A percentage of this beer was put into french oak barrels and aged with 50 pounds of Washington grown Gooseberries. ABV: 3.35% IBU'S: 2.1
  • Dogfish Head: Festina Peche
    A refreshing neo-BerlinerWeisse fermented with honest-to-goodness peaches to (get this!) 4.5% abv! Because extreme beers don't have to be extremely boozy!
  • Fort George Brewing: Badda BOOM! Cherry Stout
    Coming in at 6.9% abv, rich and dark as a moonless night in the orchard, Badda BOOM! has 40 pounds of raspberries and Cherries mingling famously with the Belgian yeast esters and black barley bitters.
  • Hopworks Urban Brewing: Red Delicious Belgian Applebiere
    An Abbey Ale crossed with a Cider and fermented with Chimay yeast.
    51% Organic Wheat 49% fresh pressed Organic Apple Cider 6+% abv
  • Laurelwood: TBA
    Pale Ale brewed with Southeast Asian Fruit and Spices
  • Lompoc Brewing: Cherry Wheat
    A golden ale fermented with sour cherries.
  • New Belgium: Ooh La La
    Ale brewed with Rasberries 8.5% abv
  • Ninkasi Brewing: Pinot Barrel-Aged Oatis with Cherries
    Oatis Oatmeal stout with cherries aged in Pinot Noir Casks. 7.2 % and 50 ibus.
  • Oakshire Brewing: Blind Date
    An Oat Brown Ale made with Organic Dates
    Blind Date is a medium bodied Belgian Brown Ale with a balanced bitterness from Calypso Hops.  It is crafted with juicy Organic Dates. It has hints of fruit, a touch of roast and a smooth silky texture from the oats. The beer finishes with a mild sweetness from the dates. 6% Abv
  • Upright Brewing: Barrel-Aged Pure Wit with Orange
    A single cask version of our seasonal Belgian-style wit with a pound of dried sweet orange peel added to the barrel. This tart and hazy wheat beer has a tremendous nose but remains light and snappy on the palate. 4.5%
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing: Himbeere Gose mit dem Eibisch
    Gose with raspberries and hibiscus ABV: 5.3% OG: 11.7P AE: 2.3P

Homebrewing Competition

Adding to the fun will also be a Homebrewers Competition organized by the Oregon Brew Crew. Homebrewers will be given the same challenge as the pro brewers - to brew the freshest and most original fruit beers they can. Judging will take place in 3 different categories: light, dark, and sour fruit beers. Prizes will be offered to the victors in each category, as well as a grand prize for Best in Show. All profits from the $6 entry fee will be donated back to the OBC, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the art of homebrewing. More info can be found here.

Food and Entertainment

In addition to the main attraction of beer, there will also be food vendors like Tastebud, which will be making delicious wood-fired pizzas and bagel sandwiches with fresh ingredients, and Burnside Brewing with their own outdoor BBQ and grill catering.

While enjoying the festival check out both Brewvana Brewery Tours and Fifty Licks Ice Cream. We have included their details below.

Brewvana Portland Brewery Tours

We are excited to be partnering with our friends at Brewvana who will be offering discounted trips on their bus to and from the Portland Fruit Beer Festival making a few stops along the way. For only $30 you get a ride to and from the festival plus a glass and ticket package that includes 1 gold flaked festival glass and 10 beer tickets. Contact Ashley at Brewvana to find out their schedule and book a trip: Brewvana@gmail.com
Brewvana: The Ultimate Brewery Tour Experience.

With this city overflowing with amazing, handcrafted beers, BREWVANA embraces its “beer Mecca” culture and promotes local breweries by creating a one-of-a-kind tour experience that leaves you elated and buzzing with a sense of brewvana in the beer capitol of the world.Our tours are ALL INCLUSIVE and provide transportation to and from Portland's award

winning breweries as well as smaller, upcoming breweries, a sit down lunch pairing beer with food, a tour of the brewing facility, beer 101, tasting 101, trivia, fun and more!  We take care of you every step of the way, making sure you have the best experience possible.

Check out this video: http://youtu.be/R41CrooRK5s

Fifty Licks

What can be better than delicious handcrafted fruit beers? How about delicious handcrafted ice creams made with fruit? This is where fine purveyors of that most glorious combination of sugar, ice and cream come in, Fifty Licks Well, ice cream is handmade too, only, they use only the finest local and direct trade ingredients and ditched the frozen can method. Every small batch of their unique ice cream is smooth and creamy, and available in a variety of delicious, creative flavors. We hope you'll agree that once you taste Fifty Licks, life will never be the same again.


  • Tahitian Vanilla:
    We swirl fruity, tropical Tahitian vanilla with a hint of swarthy, smoky Mexican vanilla to create this epic ice cream. This will change the way you think about vanilla.
  • Maple with Bacon:
    Imagine crispy bacon piled high over stacks of maple-drizzled pancakes. Yummy maple ice cream studded with humanely raised, nitrate & hormone free bacon.
  • Caramelized Apple:
    Inside is a pint of award-winning Washington apple cider boiled down into a buttery, bittersweet caramel. The flavor of fresh, tart apples shines brightly.
  • Stumptown Coffee:
    Starring Stumptown's perfectly-balanced organic Latin American and East African coffee. They buy the beans directly from the farmers so everyone gets their fair share.
  • Slabtown Whiskey:
    Just down the street from our kitchen is House Spirits Distillery, Portland's finest purveyors of small-batch libations. Whiskey's fire is quenched by cream & sugar.
  • Coconut-Lemon-Saffron Sorbet:
    An alluring blend of creamy coconut milk and lemon, infused with saffron, cardamom, and star anise. This sorbet is an intoxicating journey down the silk road. A dairy-free delight. (Vegan)

Further more look for the following DJs on either Saturday or Sunday.

Saturday June 11th

Forrest Avery

Representing as a DJ in the North West music dance scene since the mid 90s, Forrest Avery has over 15 years of experience rocking the party with almost any kind of music there is. As a performer he has proven his ability to please the crowd time and time again, and currently regularly headlines events in the Northwest, as well as all around the country. More recently, he has become a successful music producer, and over the past 2 years has had tracks released on some of the biggest labels in the dance music scene. His production work has primarily been within the electronic music genre, and this has sent him travelling far and wide to perform at clubs, and events all across the country, but Forrest built his reputation in our local area by doing eclectic mash ups of classic music styles with new school beats for crowds all around Portland. Due to his busy schedule it has been years since anyone has witnessed this kind of performance from him, but he’s making an exception for his beer geek peers. Get ready for a not to be missed throwback set from one of the staples of the Northwest Dj scene!
Free Mix Download!

Sunday June 12th

Dj Atom13

Atom 13 is a homegrown digger of sounds from way out to the underground. Working to make a foreign sound that is familiar while keeping it fun and "off the record"...
DJ Atom 13 spins records for the Rose City Rollers, Beulahland, Red Flag, Swift
Lounge, Muu-Muu's and more and has been for 11 years playing out in the Portland area.


The Portland Fruit Beer Festival is lucky to have some amazing partners in this year's festival:

  • Yelp has a networking community that helps people find, rate, and review local businesses since 2004 and brings in over 39 million monthly unique visitors.
  • KBOO Community Radio is a Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Portland, Oregon, Cascadia & the World!

Rare Fruit Taplist

  • Oakshire: Gin Barrel Aged Blackberry imperial Stout
    Our Imperial Overcast Espresso Stout was aged with  for two months in an Old Tom Gin Barrel from Oregon's Ransom Spirits. Oregon grown blackberries were added giving the finished beer hints of Gin botanicals and a mild blackberry fruitiness which balances the sweet chocolate and roast flavors from the beer. 9.5%
  • Upright: Gin Barrel-Aged Four with Strawberries
    Upright's flagship wheat beer aged with Oregon strawberry puree in a Ransom Distillery Old Tom Gin barrel. The otherwise straightforward brew picks up a mix of the fruit character and the unique botanical notes that only come from the one of a kind local gin casks. 5%
  • Hopworks: Chili infused Survival Seven Grain Stout
    Hopworks Head Brewer Ben Love added a unique blend of chili peppers to 3 small kegs of their Survival Seven Grain Stout. Each keg picked up its own flavors off the different peppers isolated. Those kegs were later blended to taste for the ultimate chili pepper infused stout made just for the Portland Fruit Beer Festival.
  • Lompoc: Cherry Fechter:
    Our Fools Golden fermented in a Maryhill Vineyard Cabernet Franc barrel with 35 pounds of sour cherries. It is clean crisp with a bright pink color and a slight sourness in the finish.
  • Widmer: 2009 Cherry Oak Doppelbock
    Cherry Oak Doppelbock is a rich ale, cold-fermented with dark sweet and red tart cherries, then conditioned on new, heavily toasted American oak. The result is a dark lustrous brew with up-front malty sweetness and cherry fruit notes completed by caramel, dark chocolate, and toasted oak undertones. The complex flavor profile balances the impressive 9% ABV and 40 IBUs.
  • Coalition: Wheat from the Tree
    An American style wheat aged 2 months in a St. Josef's chardonnay barrel, this beer has light notes of bartlett pears and wine grape, with a sweet and tangy finish of fresh mandarin and tangelo.  Starting at 4.4% abv, this beer spontaneously fermented to ~5.2% with the addition of 60 lbs of fresh fruit. 
  • New Belgium: Peach Love
    Love is the base beer used for New Belgium’s sour series of beer like La Folie. This super sour single barrel beer was aged in Whiskey Barrels with Peaches. 8.5%Abv. Ultra rare!
  • Block 15: 2010 La Ferme’ de Demons (the Demon’s Farm)
    Black farmhouse ale brewed with Belgian Pilsner, French Wheat, Candi Sugar, roast malt and farmhouse yeast.  Aged for over 8 months in three barrel types; Pinot Noir, Oregon Oak, and Bourbon with Brettanomyces.  After barrel aging and blending, this dark ruby black ale is further matured with a touch of Oregon Tart Cherry. A demonic brew to quench only the most sinister thirst. 8.75%alc/vol 31 IBU’s.
  • LOLA/Lucky Lab: Cherry Kolsch
    This brew is a first for the Ladies of Lagers and Ales (LOLA) crew with no less than a dozen women breaking a sweat on a sunny day in April at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall on NW Quimby. Under the watchful eye of Lab Brewdog Ben Flerchinger, this beer was originally brewed with Golden Promise and flavored with Munich, Wheat & Honey malt. Then CTZ hops were added for bitterness and Fuggles for aromatics. A Kölsch yeast was used to give it a bready, lemony, and mildly dank character.
    Cherry LOLA is the side project of the LOLA Kolsch. Five gallons of LOLA Kolsch were kegged off and conditioned with black cherry juice for a delightfully sweet and mildly tart flavor.
    This beer was brewed by the ladies to be enjoyed by everyone!
  • Cascade: Apricot
    Our Apricot has the intense aroma of Goldrich and Rival apricots, slow-ripened before being introduced to the beer. Based on a Belgian Tripel, this beer went through 16 months lactic fermentation and aging in French oak wine barrels, then rested on the fruit for four months before finishing. 8.5% ABV
  • Cascade: Kriek
    Our Kriek spends over six months in lactic fermentation and aging in oak barrels. This NW style sour red ale is fermented for eight months with fresh whole Bing and sour pie cherries. 7.3% ABV
  • Double Mountain: Devil’s Kriek
    It is with great pleasure that we brew Devil's Kriek once a year at cherry harvest, and let it develop its intensity for a full twelve months, until it's time to do it again. This year's batch is intensely dark and fruity, thanks to over 70 lbs. per barrel of Bings (twice what we used last year) from Matt's orchard in Odell. The light sourness comes not from sour cherries, but from Brettanomyces "wild yeast", which slowly add the tang and a host of other funky flavors. A brown ale base provides a tasty counterpart to the fruit. 8.3% ABV
  • Breakside: Brewer’s Bramble
    Inspired by the classic bramble cocktail, this beer was aged in an Old Tom Gin barrel with blackberries, lemon peel, and juniper berry.
  • Breakside: Whiskey Ginger
    This beer finds its origins in a cocktail called Six Lengths Ahead, which was on the original drink menu at Portland’s cocktail hotspot Beaker and Flask. This beer also aged in a Whippersnapper barrel and has blueberries, fresh ginger, lime peel, and a touch of grenadine.
  • He’ Brew: Origin Pomegranate Ale
    Brewed with the juice of over 10,000 luscious pomegranates, ORIGIN is a complex, rich and balanced Imperial Amber Ale with a truly unique character. The pomegranate juice is added during fermentation, leaving only the residual sugars, which serve to balance the hop bitterness. 8% Abv

If you have gotten to the bottom of this story we want to applaud you for taking the time to read through all of this.

The Fruit Beer Festival Starts on Saturday & Sunday at 11 AM and on average runs through 6:00 PM with Saturday till 9:00 PM.

Saturday June 11th, 2011 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
The First Annual Fruit Beer Festival Burnside Brewing
7th and East Burnside Portland, OR 97214

Sunday June 12th, 2011 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The First Annual Fruit Beer Festival Burnside Brewing
7th and East Burnside Portland, OR 97214

About Burnside Brewing

Located in the heart of Portland's eastside, Burnside Brewing is Portland's newest craft brewery, having just opened in December 2010. The venture's three partners, Adam Cassie, Jay Gilbert, and Jason McAdam, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the beer and restaurant businesses. Brewmaster Jason McAdam comes with over 15 years professional brewing experience. With a shiny brand new 15bbl brewhouse from Portland's Metalcraft Fabrication, Burnside Brewing is crafting both staple beers like IPA and Stout and more creative spins on the traditional, such as the Sweet Heat, a wheat beer brewed with apricots and Scotch Bonnet peppers. The brewpub itself is a large, open, and lively space featuring massive heartwood beams, a black walnut and distressed steel bar, and an open kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, Burnside Brewing takes the menu a step further than traditional brewpub fare, offering an array of house made pickles, charcuterie, cured meats, and gastronomy experiments from Chef Ronnie Vance. Burnside Brewing aims to be a staple and partner of the quickly growing eastside community along lower Burnside Street.


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