image courtesy of Two Beers Brewing Seattle, WA - Ok. Straight from the brewery I can finally say what others have already mentioned. Two Beers has released three of their beers, in cans! What's the big deal you ask? The answer is nothing really unless you consider the fact that in the past year the brewery in So'Do has released both bottled and canned versions of their well-known beers. Prior to this you could only get their stuff on draft.

Today, Two Beers Brewing released three of its popular Northwest-style brews in 12-ounce aluminum cans. The Seattle area microbrewery, located in SoDo, is the first Washington craft brewery to package its beers in the familiar aluminum cladding. Known for its flagship Evolutionary IPA, Two Beers Brewing begins distributing cans in dozens of Seattle area retailers just in time for a summer full of camping, hiking, outdoor concerts and more.

“Introducing cans was a obvious choice for us,” said Joel VandenBrink, Two Beers Brewing founder and head brewer. “We love bottles, but bottles can only go so many places. As a hiker and backpacker myself, it’s great to be able to enjoy a flavorful craft beer after a long hike, without having to lug around heavier bottles in my backpack. Plus, cans can go places bottles can’t, such as outdoor concerts. It’s a great option with a lot of benefits.”

While still small in number, more microbrewers are turning to cans, threatening to break the reputation of glass as the only worthy container for a tasty brew. Cans are lighter than bottles, chill faster, require less fuel to transport, are more readily recyclable and protect beer from the degrading effects of exposure to light. They are also airtight and oxygen-free, ensuring your beer is as tasty and fresh as the way it was intended.

In addition to its Evolutionary IPA, Two Beers Brewing will be canning two summer seasonals – Panorama Wheat and Trailhead ISA (India-style Session Ale), the newest addition to the Two Beer Brewing line of unique, handcrafted Northwest-style beer.

"Good beer doesn’t have to come in a bottle. We set out to put assertive yet classic beers in cans to shatter people's perceptions about what comes in a can,” stated VandenBrink. In addition to ease of recycling and carrying, he added, "You have to admit, there’s something satisfying about the sound of cracking open a can."

The crew at Two Beers Brewing aren’t the only ones excited about their venture into cans. Seattle retailers – including Whole Foods, Central Markets, 99 Bottles and more – have been waiting for a Washington state brewery to take the plunge and will be begin carrying Two Beers Brewing cans in their stores early next week.

"Folks in Washington are beer and nature lovers, so craft beers in cans make perfect sense,” added Ryan Rosen, beer specialist for Whole Foods Market Westlake. “By providing their artisan brews in a portable, durable can, Two Beers Brewing has made it so all of Washington is our beer garden. I'm thrilled to offer my customers a great local product that they can enjoy while exploring Washington's great outdoors."

Two Beers Brewing, in operation since 2007, will continue to distribute its popular 22-ounce bottles, in addition to being available on tap in more than 300 restaurants and bars statewide. Offering eleven beers – including five year-round, six seasonal and a host of intricate infusions – Two Beers Brewing also offers pints, growlers and kegs-to-go in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery and tasting room.  For more information, be sure to follow Two Beers Brewing onFacebook or visit

image courtesy of Two Beers Brewing About Two Beers Brewing Co.

Two Beers Brewing Co. – makers of Evolutionary IPA and a host of Northwest-inspired beers – began operations in a small Seattle basement in 2007. Today, Two Beers Brewing produces eleven unique beers including five year-round, six seasonals and a host of intricate infusions in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery. Two Beers Brewing distributes to Seattle-area bars and restaurants, with tastings kegs, and growler fill-ups available at their tasting room located at 4700 Ohio Ave. S. (Unit A) in SoDo, open weekly Wednesday – Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from noon – 4 p.m. (summer hours). Select brews can also be found in 22-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans through local retailers. With a strong belief in supporting the local economy, Two Beers Brewing takes pride in using Washington ingredients to create all of its handcrafted beers. For more information, visit

As always look for their Panorama Wheat, Trailhead ISA, and Evolutionary IPA on the shelf at your nearest grocer soon. As always if you don't see if on the shelf ask your grocer to buy some!


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