Beer Release: NW: Coming Soon … The Stone Brewing Co. Collaboration Brew Baird / Ishii / Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA

image borrowed from's story to the same effect Ok so maybe this our first release notice regarding the brewery in Escondido. But honestly its not like we wanted to hold back. Traditionally Stone has been all about being low key. Course if you saw their mascot you would assume that if that is their standard for low key then burning down the city of San Diego would be considered going nuts.

"Mitch, Toshi, and Bryan pose for the camera" courtesy of Stone Brewing's BlogIn all seriousness we don’t have to talk to you about Arrogant Bastard Strong Ale, Ruination Imperial India Pale Ale, or even Smoked Porter. Instead we want to talk to you about a unique beer series with a even more unique release, Stone’s Collaboration brew Baird / Ishii / Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA.

With the intent on turning this into a fund-raising beer brewers Mitch Steel (Head Brewer), Bryan Baird (of Baird Brewing), and former Stone employee Toshi Ishii (of Ishii Brewing) are giving back to Japan.

image borrowed from's story to the same effectAs the name implies, this beer is “dry-hopped” with Sencha, a variety of whole-leaf Japanese green tea. Unique, no? Well, it’s a first for us.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The hop varieties used to brew this hoppy IPA are downright eccentric. The bittering hop is American Warrior (nothing crazy there), but then we used Crystal hops and New Zealand Pacifica hops for the flavoring addition. The first dry-hop addition featured those same flavoring hops plus a brand spankin’ new hop variety from the Alsace region of France called Aramis. The second dry-hop addition features Sorachi Ace hops, which were originally developed in Japan, and the aforementioned Sencha tea.

The tentative release date for this innovative new beer is July 11th. If you typically see our collaboration beers in your area, you’ll very likely have access to this one.

For those that care, Aramis is a high-alpha Strisselspalt derivative, typically clocking in around 8% alpha acid. That means it imparts more bitterness than its parent variety, while providing an amped up version of its aroma and oil. If you have an intense interest in new hop varieties. we’ll delve a little deeper into the mysteries of Aramis in a future blog post. –source, Stone Brewing’s Blog

As the Stone Blog mentions you should expect this wherever you have seen previous Stone Collaboration beers in the past.

As always if you don’t see if on the shelf ask your server or grocer to buy some!

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