image courtesy of Big Time Brewery

Ah, Malt Liquor. What comes to mind? It is Mad Dog? Is it Mickey's? Or are you a member of the more educated that know that Malt Liquor much like Light Lagers can be enjoyable if they are done right?

It has come to our attention that the annual release of Big Time Brewing's Ave Rat Malt Liquor has come to pass. The beer's namesake was inspired from the nickname given to those whom society had dealt a bad hand.

noun. a person who hails from a street called University Avenue in seattle, washington. this person is usually homeless, and like to try and sell drugs to people as they walk by, and/or start fights when they are high on crack late at night.

background: they are named as such because the "ave" was a nice place several years ago. lately it has begun a decline in quality.
hey man i was walking back from the ave when some fucking ave rat started yelling at me. source, Urban Dictionary

About Big Time Ave Rat Malt Liquor

Brewed in celebration of the U-District’s most misunderstood denizen, the “Ave Rat.” Stylistically, it’s a pre-Prohibition West Coast-style adjunct lager, brewed with Pilsner malt, flaked maize, and Styrian Goldings, which blend together into a rich, golden beer that is crisp and clean and only a little bit edgy.

Ave Rat Malt Liquor weighs in at 7.95% Alcohol By Volume and currently can be found at the Brewery or around town at select accounts.


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