Beer Release: NW: Get It Now … Grand Teton’s Saison Farmhouse-style Ale

If you don’t live around Victor Idaho then more than likely you missed a chance to try this year’s Saison from Grand Teton Brewing. Much like their other Cellar Reserve series beers, this one is limited. Top things off this Saison is sure to be a hit while resting outside with a book in the sun, or drank side by side with a plate of smoked chicken.

Saison is the original summer beer. Originally brewed in southern Belgium for thirsty farm hands, these crisp, bubbly, and refreshing brews demand to be consumed on hot summer days. Grand Teton’s Saison follows centuries of tradition, using European hop varieties—Hallertauer Magnum, Styrian Goldings, and Strisselspalt. They used a very light base malt accented by just a touch of Wheat and Munich malts. Finally, the beer is fermented very warm with a well-known Belgian yeast strain to bring out the spicy flavors that are common to Saisons. This style pairs well with an astonishing variety of foods. Drink it with grilled sausage or chicken, green curry with coconut milk, or a summer salad with vinaigrette and crumbled bleu cheese.
The Grand Saison is a beer to commemorate warm weather.  As its flavors will diminish with time, this is not a beer to be cellared.  Grand Teton Brewing Company’s official recommendation is to savor it during the long summer days while it is fresh.

The Cellar Reserve series of beers are unique, different even from other craft beers. Grand Teton’s Cellar Reserves are brewed with specialty hops and malts and unique strains of yeast.  Most ales and lagers are produced in 2-4 weeks.  However, up to 8 months are spent on each of the Cellar Reserve specialty brews.  They are also bottle-conditioned, which produces natural carbonation that will blend and smooth the flavors with time. Proper aging of these bottles creates beers to be cherished.  Our Cellar Master provides regular tasting notes and aging updates on his web page, “Notes from Underground,” at

Grand Teton Brewing will release three specialty brews in the Cellar Reserve line for 2011.  The production quantity for each brew is very limited.

The Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale is available at select locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming!  Call the brewery at 1-888-899-1656 for information and availability on this exciting new product.

About Grand Teton Brewing

Grand Teton Brewing Company was founded in 1988 as the first modern “micro” brewery in the state of Wyoming. Today, Grand Teton Brewing Company is in the Brewer’s Association’s “Top 100 Craft Breweries in North America.”  Their premium microbrews include the 6x gold-medal-winning Bitch Creek ESB, the 2009 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner (American Pale Ale) Sweetgrass APA and the favorites of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks; Old Faithful Ale (pale golden), Howling Wolf Weisse Bier (hefeweizen) and Teton Ale (amber).  From their production facility in Victor, Idaho, Grand Teton Brewing Company beers are hand-crafted from only the finest ingredients, including locally-grown grains and pure Teton mountain spring water.  Grand Teton Brewing Company is a green company utilizing environmentally conscious and sustainable practices whenever possible.  Grand Teton Brewing Company is also the inventor of the modern glass growler, which is estimated to have saved over one billion bottles and cans from entering the ecosystem to date.  Discriminating beer drinkers can find their favorite Grand Teton Brewing Company brews on tap and in bottles throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


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