Festival Preview: (WA) Blind Lion Scotch Night presented by Brouwer’s Cafe is Saturday 4/16/2011

image courtesy of Brouwer's Cafe Facebook Page Seattle, WA – A couple of days ago the face of Brouwer’s Cafe (aka Matt Bonney) took time out of his day to remind us about an upcoming and unique event. Blind Lion Scotch Night is coming soon, again.

On Saturday April 16th Brouwer’s Cafe will be hosting another private event where you the paid attendant can enjoy a cigar while sipping on distilled scotches and whiskeys. But Blind Lion Scotch Night isn’t just some exercised technicality where you can smoke in a bar. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to support law enforcement through your ticket purchase to the event.

For every ticket purchased a portion of that will go towards the Seattle Police Foundation. SPF is an organization that works in collaboration with SPDs annual operating budget to assist with keeping officers refreshed in the following areas,

  • Community Partnerships-Programs that enhance relationships between the community and the Seattle Police Department
  • Employee Development-Advanced training and employee recognition programs
  • Police Service Enhancements-Cutting-edge and specialized equipment and technology

Included in the cost of the ticket will be one complimentary cigar from J&J Cigars, as many 1/4 ounce pours you want (during the first 2 hours), and a buffet crafted by the talented kitchen staff. Doors open at 7:00 and there is a penalty of trying to purchase a ticket at the door of $120. So take our advice and go online and get yourself at ticket. Details are posted below.

Saturday April 16th, 2011 7:00 PM to 9:00 (complimentary spirit samples) with door opening ?
Brouwer’s Cafe presents Blind Lion Scotch Night, $100 for admission online 
400 North 35th Street Seattle WA 98107 (206) 267-2437

Join us for this closed door event.  Included with your ticket price, you will receive unlimited Scotch tastings from any of our 60+ Scotches for 2 hours, be able to chat with and ask questions of Ambassadors to various distilleries, indulge in a fine cigar, and fill your belly with a fine assortment buffet offerings.  After the initial 2 free hours, you may continue to drink, but each serving will be a full pour and at additional cost.  You may also enjoy any of our other liquors or our vast selection of beers throughout the evening, though at menu cost. –source, Brouwer’s Cafe


About the Seattle Police Foundation


Following 9/11, united by a desire to publicly support Seattle’s law enforcement professionals, a group of distinguished leaders from Seattle's business, civic, religious and academic communities identified a need and launched the independent, non-profit organization in January 2002. The Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) was founded to assist the police department enhance relationships with the community, improve officer training, recognize officers who protect the public, provide equipment and technology to ensure their safety and enhance the service they provide our community everyday.


SPF recognizes that the Seattle Police Department, with more than 90% of its annual budget going to support personnel costs, has very little flexibility to seed new programs and encourage innovation. The role of the Foundation is not to displace funding for basic law enforcement, or to reduce in any way the responsibility of the City of Seattle to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services for its citizens. However, as modern law enforcement tasks continue to become more complex, the Seattle Police Department, similar to police departments across the country, has increasing needs to stay current in training, technology and equipment, and communication and partnership efforts with the community.

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