Editorial: April 1st inspires this writer to 'come out of the vineyard'

As the week winds down to a close we thought we would discuss the virtues of a fine vino over a pint of hops. Starting today you will have the opportunity to thumb your nose at those fat-bellied, sausage scarfing, hop heads, who idiotically obsess about a certain beer from St. Louis. We of course speak of Hop Scotch, a celebration of wine in the face of all those breweries and shot glass peddlers.

Perhaps it best to start out by saying that we love wine more than we love beer. True we have done numerous beer reviews, but come on these are easy. It doesn't take a genius to write about oranges, grapefruits, or burnt toast. True mastery comes when reviewing a beverage that speaks to you no more loudly than a glass of wine. For those who are close friends of this writer, it should come as no shock our motives to come out and proclaim our love of wine.

Regrettably change doesn’t come without consequence, as we will no longer be promoting beer releases from such breweries as Boston Beer, Newcastle, or even a local favorite Black Raven.

It is our hope that this more “honest” approach to writing will help inspire the legions of those who love a glass of wine over a mug of ale.

Look for more details soon regarding the format change. But we can honestly say that this announcement shocks some while others are no doubt applauding our efforts written here today.

For now we will step away from the keyboard while we discuss with a few wine writers and websites, how best to approach writing about Wine.

Obviously there are some that are reading this Editorial with a certain amount of disbelief. After years of promoting the virtues of craft beer over wine we think that changes were needed. You are more than welcome to re-read this piece but you can be assured the decision to write this wasn’t easy for us, given our reputation.

Objections will no doubt come from this format change and we welcome them. But more than likely this will be the only time you will see us being this candid before we start writing in the coming week.

Lastly it has been with a sense of relief that I was able to write this story.

So check back soon as changes are coming.

Happy Holidays from your April Fool

Paul from the Vineyard
Proving yet again that a fine wine beats a pint of beer anytime.”

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