Brewery News: BC: Tofino Brewing Company Is Now Open

image courtesy of Tofino Brewing's website Tofino, BC, Canada – What started as an announcement last October is finally been realized.

We are incredibly excited to announce that the beautiful little town of Tofino, BC will soon have its very own local craft brewery. We can’t wait to be brewing fresh, unique, and natural beer for everyone lucky enough to live in or visit this amazing part of the world. Right now, we’re working as hard as we can to get our brewery up and running so check back in with us from time to time and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. We are really proud to be able to provide fresh local beer for both the community and visitors alike and are super excited to start building our own west/wet coast craft beer community out here. Kinda feel like this is the beginning of a really beautiful relationship. –source, Tofino Brewing Company’s blog

Tofino Brewing Company is open for business.

Tofino Brewing Company is proud to announce that we are open for business on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We’re new on the scene so you may not know us yet, but there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the little town we call home.  Whether you’ve spent a weekend here, ventured out on a surf trip, or were born and raised on the peninsula, you already know what an amazing and beautiful part of the world this is. Our hope is that we can add fresh, natural, craft beer to the already long list of things that make Tofino such a great place.

We’re also incredibly excited to introduce Tofino Brewing Company’s first beer: Tuff Session Ale. Come by the brewery to try it out and have a look around. We’ve got cold, fresh 1.89L (64oz.) refillable growlers for sale as well as kegs, glassware, T-shirts, hoodies, tastings, and tours. We’re located just up Industrial Way and open between 12:00pm and 11:00pm. You’ll also find our beer on tap at local establishments around town so be sure to keep an eye out and ask your bartender or server.–source, Tofino Brewing Company’s blog

With a mission centered on creating exceptional, hand-crafted, ales, while leaving an almost non-existent carbon footprint; Tofino sounds like they are off to a great start.

Our handcrafted ales are brewed using a 12 Hectoliter brewhouse designed and built by Specific Mechanical Systems in Victoria, BC. The brewery is powered using exclusively hydroelectric power with no carbon emissions.

All of the spent grain we produce is saved and used as livestock feed at the Collins Farm in Port Alberni. It’s a beautiful place to visit and camp so be sure to stop by on your way out here.

Water Conservation is another big focus for us. We’ve developed a water recovery system that allows us to recapture all of the water used in the heat exchange process to be used again in subsequent brews.

Turns out that trub, the lovely slurry of broken down hops and coagulated proteins left behind in our brew kettle and whirlpool, is a great fertilizer. We’re giving this surprisingly useful by-product to local gardeners.–source, Tofino Brewing Company’s blog

So stop into the brewery and check them out. They might surprise you.

Open from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Tofino Brewing Company
681 Industrial Way Tofino, BC V0R (250) 725 2899


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