Beer Release: (WA) Get It Now … Foggy Noggin MLK Alt German-style Altbier

image borrowed from Foggy Noggin Brewing's website A couple of days ago Jim Jamison of Foggy Noggin Brewing informed us of their latest release as the brewery continues to mature.

Named MLK, this German-style Alt falls in-line with other such Foggy Noggin beers, known for low gravity.

The Bavarian Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law; literally "purity order") of 1516 was drawn up to reduce competition between bakers and brewers for wheat and rye as well as to prohibit brewers from using inferior preservatives to hops (such as Stinging Nettle); however, this decree did not affect brewers of the Rhineland. As such, the brewing traditions in this region developed slightly differently. For example, brewing during the summer was illegal in Bavaria, but the cooler climate of the Rhineland allowed Alt brewers to brew all year long and to experiment with storing fermented beer in cool caves and cellars.

The name "altbier" first appeared in the 1800s to differentiate the beers of Düsseldorf from the new pale lager that was gaining a hold on Germany. [2] Brewers in Düsseldorf used the pale malts that were used for the modern pale lagers, but retained the old ("alt") method of using warm fermenting yeasts.[3]

The first brewery to use the name Alt was Schumacher which opened in 1838.[4] The founder, Mathias Schumacher, allowed the beer to mature in cool conditions in wooden casks for longer than normal, and laid the foundation for Alt - a dark, lagered, top-fermented beer[5] that has some of the lean, dryness of a lager but with fruity notes.[6]–source, Wikipedia

Historically the Altbier (as it is formally known) has experienced a steady decline as an under-appreciated style. So it is refreshing to see someone brewing this style and remind drinkers of a nearly forgotten light, refreshing style of lager.

This is what Foggy Noggin had to say about their German-style Alt

Every beer has a dream and in respect of the great MLK, beer's all over the world have gained equality.  English, German, Belguim and even American beers are now seen on tap next to each other.  MLK Alt is brewed as a traditional German Alt and fits in perfectly with the Foggy Noggin English beer line-up.  Brewed in the winter and lagered until the spring provides a crisp, sharp flavor profile and a nice hop backbone.   Prost!

Beer Geek Information

OG: 1.051
IBU: 55
SRM: 11
ABV: 4.2
Malts: German Pilsener, Vienna, Munich, CaraMunich
Hops: Magnum, Hallertau

Originally this beer was released this past weekend (April 16th) and if this beer is received as eagerly as previous new releases, we can anticipate its extinction shortly.


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