Beer Release: (BC) Get It Now … Granville Island Brewing’s (Limited Release) Imperial India Pale Ale

Just when you thought craft beer couldn’t get better, the crafty folks at Granville Island Brewing have tempered a brand new Limited Release Imperial IPA. Inspired by the beers made famous during the British Raj, Imperial IPA has big malt taste, bold hops, and a higher alcohol content that all mean one thing: a lot more flavour. The complementary citrus peel bitterness adds a taste dimension that provides a unique opportunity for exciting food pairings.

“Imperial IPA is a single hop beer - we use one variety of hop, Chinook hops, for bittering, flavor and aroma,” says Granville Island Brewing brewmaster Vern Lambourne. “And the 100 BUs of bitterness are a big attraction for IPA enthusiasts.”

The assertively bitter flavour of GIB Imperial IPA is best enjoyed between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius, and paired with bold-flavoured foods. Try grilled steak seasoned with cracked peppercorn rub, or other strongly smoked meats with lots of spices and pepper. The citrus peel layers in Imperial IPA also complement cheese. The bitterness of the citrus cuts through an aged, sharp cheddar or pungent tang of a blue-veined stilton with delicious results. Desserts should be dairy-based and rich, so try a double-cream crème brule or velvety smooth cheesecake with field berry compote.

With all the majesty of the big, bold, craft brew flavours of Imperial IPA, expect to see Brewmaster Vern holding court in the GIB Taproom on Granville Island.

Granville Island Brewing’s Imperial IPA Limited Release is available April 1 at the taproom and BC Liquor Stores in 650ml bottles, for $5.30 as well as in kegs in selected pubs and restaurants in Vancouver.

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About Granville Island Brewing (GIB)

Established is 1984, Granville Island Brewing (GIB) is Canada’s first microbrewery offering a variety of award-winning beers which are brewed and sold here in BC. GIB is dedicated to handcrafting only the finest premium beers that are 100 per cent all-natural and brewed in small batches to provide consumers with the ultimate tasting experience.  In celebration of their West Coast heritage GIB names each beer after iconic Vancouver locations that embody the local lifestyle. From the original Island Lager and English Bay Pale Ale, to Cypress Honey Lager, and now their latest innovation; Brockton IPA, GIB continues to produce a diverse portfolio of beers inspired by life on the West Coast. For more information, visit

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