image of Redhook Ales' ESB courtesy of our Flickr page & the brewery How many of you can recall your first beer? Was it a Budweiser? Was it a Coors? Was it something even more local like a ‘Henry’s’ or Rainer? Or was it from one of the many established craft breweries in the region? Chances are your first beer was probably not a so-called microbrew, but your second or third beer probably was.

Recently Sierra Nevada, known domestically for their Pale Ale, celebrated their 30th year of producing memorable ales (and lagers). But you’re probably asking, “What’s this got to do with Redhook”? The answer in two words, thirty years. Thirty years of brewing consistent, memorable, and sometimes inspiring beers. Thirty years spent in the Northwest as a push pin on the map of craft beer’s history. For most of us that have lived in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington; not a day goes by you can’t recall the first time you had a Redhook Ales brew.

Dates elude us, but if you count the day that Starbucks founders Paul Shipman and Gordon Bowker, signed the paperwork creating the Independent Ale Brewery, Inc. it would be May 4th, 1981. Unfortunately it would be over a year later that the brewery would officially release their infamous ‘Banana’ beer, known simply as Redhook Ale. Then again when it comes to anniversaries that matter it’s really up to those who are in control of the facts. So it is with happy congratulations (come this May 4th) that we celebrate the birth of Redhook, with an announcement.

image of Redhook Ales' ESB courtesy of our Flickr page & the brewery Beginning today March 14th, three days before St. Patrick’s Day, Redhook is announcing the start of their Anniversary kickoff with a brand new bottle (and label design) featuring the same familiar ESB name in what can only be only described as a ‘stretched stubby’ bottle. Starting with their ESB, Copperhook, and India Pale Ale, you are encouraged to look these new bottles on the shelves of your nearby bottleshop or grocery store.

It doesn’t stop there as the brewery will be featuring every bottle cap an iconic and very Redhook graphic that represents the breweries, 30 years of history.

imageLook for more news to come regarding Redhook and their campaign to remind people that after 30 years the brewery is still inspiring minds old and young the pleasures that come from a great pint of beer.


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