(WA) Two Beers Brewing & Four Local Charities Partner To Benefit Those In Need

Seattle, WA – Despite what you might think, the season of giving isn’t over, at least not to four employees at the Two Beers Brewing.

Today, it was brought to our attention, starting from the 1st until the end of the month, the brewery will be donating a portion of their profits to four local charities. As an added bonus, the brewery was kind enough to create this video for those who need a more, visual, incentive.

The four charities in question are Washington Trails Association, Farestart, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, and the local Seattle chapter of the ALS Association.

The question we are sure you are asking is why. Here is how Owner and Head Brewer, Joel VandenBrink puts it …

Two Beers Brewing Company we are lucky to live, work and play in the Great Northwest. And we want to give back to the many non-profit organizations that make our community even better.  When the holidays end and the season of giving is over, the needs remain.  That is why we have decided to declare January as a month to give back.

It is worth noting, that this is not the only way to donate to these four charities, but it is a great way for you to take a local brewery up on their commitment.

For each keg sold we will be donating 8% of our profits to one of 4 charities.  Each employee has chosen a charity that they are personally tied to, and when a keg of Two Beers Brewing Co. is delivered the owner of the establishment will get to pick which of the four charities receives the 8% of our profits.

We can’t argue with the logic behind this mission, so we will say, count us in. Best of luck to you guys on your goal of supporting those less fortunate this month.

About Two Beers Brewing Co.

take some time. look at the world. gain a new perspective.

We are connected to the Earth. We are connected to each other. Beer is social glue and the local economy matters.

Is that a reason to make amazing beer? We are at Two Beers Brewing Company think so. You see, beer is one of the original beverages that was created thousands of years ago. Long before soda and even lemonade. Beer is made from all naturally grown ingredients and always has been. No artificial sweeteners, no substitutes, nothing that is a product of 21st century invention. Making amazing beer is a beautiful way to remind us that we are connected to the earth.

Drinking amazing beer certainly isn’t fun by ourselves either. It is much more fun to invite some friends over, or go to a pub, and enjoy a beer in community. This also causes us to slow down just enough to remind us that we are connected to each other and that we do really enjoy hanging out with our friends. And although our life may still feel slightly out of whack we are momentarily comforted by the fact that there are people around us.

So take some time. Look at the world. And surely you will gain a new perspective.



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