(OR) Coming Soon (Again) ... Laurelwood Elvis Special Bitter. Bonus, Party on Saturday 1/8/2011

image courtesy of Laurelwood Brewing Portland, OR - January is often looked at by many as the 'slow' month. Slow because it's the month after the holiday shopping, the holiday eating, and of course, holiday regret. January is also a time when people's thoughts start accepting reality that it is indeed, Winter.

Don't fret though, there are still a few events in the calendar for you to look up and we thought we might remind you an odd holiday, Elvis' birthday. Yep, on January 8th (1935) in Tupelo, Mississippi; Elvis Aaron Presley was born, and with it a music icon and tragedy.

Today, if the man would have still been around he would have been 76, and with that thought we remind you of a pending party. Laurelwood on Sandy Blvd. will be celebrating their 7th year of recognizing the King of Rock & Roll by releasing Elvis Special Bitter.

Our Extra Special Bitter is considerably hoppier and more flavorful than its English cousin. Brewed in honor of Elvis' January 8th birthday, ESB has "Vegas" loads of fresh hop flavor balanced with subtle caramel malt sweetness. Cheers to the King.

Beer Geek Information

6.6% ABV / 60 IBU / O.G. 15o Plato

Live in PDX (Portland)? Then get your rear down to Laurelwood's Sandy Blvd. Public House, this Saturday the 8th, when they tap the keg. While hanging out you are encouraged to enjoy …

"Elvis inspired food specials, swag giveaways and of course Elvis Kennedy will make an appearance!"

Show starts around 5:00 and runs through the evening (call ahead for details).

Saturday January 8th, 2011
Elvis Special Bitter, Laurelwood Public House
5115 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213 (503) 282-0622

About Laurelwood Brewing

Laurelwood is a family owned brewery that creates one of the most recognized regional products of craft beer. Dedicated to sustainable and organic practices, Laurelwood first began producing certified organic beer in 2002. Laurelwood’s craft beer is recognized  for  its  creativity  and  quality  and  the company  has won  many  national  and  international awards. The  company’s handcrafted beer can be found on draft and in bottles throughout Oregon and Washington


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