(NW) Say G’Knight To Gordon. Oskar Blues Confirms Cease And Desist Issued by Gordon Biersch

image replicated from Beernews.org Another casualty of the cooperative, craft beer, spirit; has been reported by Beernews.org. As one of the foremost providers of upcoming beer releases from breweries throughout the country, they stumbled across a forum post in Beeradvocate, regarding the death of Gordon. Unfortunately, confirmation was later given by Oskar Blue’s spokesperson, Chad Melis who according to Beernews

“… confirmed a rumor on Westword that first surfaced last month: Oskar Blues was to change the name of one of its longtime flagships after being hit with a cease and desist order by the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group.”

Named G’Knight, the beer is a homage to a fallen former Vietnam Vet and CO craft beer pioneer, who passed away in 2002 while fighting a wild fire just outside Longmont, CO.

Chad, indicates there will be a party held at the brewery on February 19th, to celebrate the new name, and in a small part, mourn the loss of a beer that sat on shelves for several years, without a peep from Gordon Biersch.

As for us, we hope this is not the sign of things to come (re:legal name wrangling), given that we are already thirteen days into the new year and already we have seen one Gordon claiming ownership over another. We wish Oskar Blues well, with their newly named beer, and their continued expansion into the consciousness of beer lovers, wherever they are.

Special thanks to Beernews for reporting on this story.


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