Festival Preview: (OR) Cascade Barrel House Hosts The 1st Annual Scottish Ale Festival 1/29

image of the taps at the Cascade Barrel House courtesy of Portlandbeer.org's Flickr page Portland, OR - Those of you who have been following the events surrounding Cascade Brewing's Barrel House probably don't need remidner of this Saturday. But just to be safe we would like to remind you about the First Annual Scottish Ale Festival, hosted by the Cascade Barrel House.

Featuring nine regional breweries pouring 11 different Scottish & Scotch Ales, the event will focus on promoting all things Scottish. From Music by the Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg's band, Stone Porridge to the Scottish themed menu items there is something for everyone. The best part of this even is that there is no cover charge and kids are allowed, provided they are accompanied with a parent.

Below is the run down that was forwarded to us from the brewery.

Black Raven Brewing Co

Splinters Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale (IBU 38 / ABV 7.1%)

Redmond, WA  · www.blackravenbrewing.com

  • Splinters is the Bourbon barrel aged version of the brewery's Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale. Aged for six months in various Bourbon barrels, they picked the best of the barrel for added complexity of flavor. All of the barrels were then combined and the beer was aged for another few months in stainless to meld and mature.

Cascade Brewing

McShagger Scottish Ale (IBU 26 / ABV 8.3%)

Portland, OR · www.cascadebrewing.com

  • This strong Scotch ale cuts the chill and warms from within.  A nose of sweet malt and a hint of chocolate and smoked peat start the journey.  Chocolate, kilned coffee and German Rauch malts combine to lend this big Scottish ale a hint of whiskey.

Cascade Brewing

Wee Ane Scottish Amber (IBU 20 / ABV 4.75%)

  • This easy drinking Scottish small ale is just the thing to recalibrate your palate after all the holiday festivities.  Fuggles, Goldings and Crystal hops balance the Munich and chocolate malts to make this a genuine Scottish session ale.

Cascade Brewing

Black Sheep Stout (IBU 25 / ABV 5.14%)

  • This easy drinking stout was designed to shepherd you at any time on your beer journey, be that breakfast, lunch or supper.  The sweet chocolate nose that greets you from the dark Crystal, chocolate, brown and black malts is what this beer is all about.  It's accented by roasted barley and kilned coffee grains that lead to a finish ending with a slight spiced hop bite that will linger and dry out your palate.

Coalition Brewing Co

Brigadoonery Scottish Ale (IBU 45 / ABV 6%)

Portland, OR · www.coalitionbrewing.com

  • Golden Promise malt forms the base of this classic Scotch style ale. The malt forward base is supplemented with dark caramel and a touch of peated malt for sweetness and a light smokiness. Wyeast 1728 gives slightly fruity phenolics to the beer.

Fearless Brewing Co

Fearless Strong Scotch Ale (IBU 48 / ABV 9.25%)

Estacada, OR · www.fearless1.com

  • This huge malty beer is brewed in the traditional Strong Scotch style. Hops are subdued, while a nutty, slightly roasty finish is the hallmark.

Lucky Lab Brewing Co

Scottish Holiday (IBU 35 / ABV 6.8%)

Portland, OR · www.luckylab.com

  • This is a true Scotch ale brewed with Scottish pale malt and only the finest English hops. Scottish Holiday is a rich, dark chocolate brew with hints of licorice and raisins. Alcohol content is moderate to high but it balances nicely with a hint of hoppy bitterness. This was the Lab's first and only holiday style ale.

Migration Brewing Co

Old Silenus (IBU 75 / ABV 6.3%)

Portland, OR · www.migrationbrewing.com

  • Old Silenus is made to be an English olde ale with a blend of five malts that lends a deep mahogany color to the beer. It holds hints of Coca-Cola balanced with earth tones lent from the Fuggle hops.

Rock Bottom Brewing Co

Highland Courage

Portland, OR · www.rockbottom.com

  • No description has yet been provided; however, we do know that this was one of the last beers brewed by Van Havig before his departure, so it's sure to be delicious!

Schooner EXACT Brewing Company

Hoppy the Woodsman (IBU 60 / ABV 9%)

Seattle, WA · www.schoonerexact.com

  • Hoppy Holidays' big brother, this ale is last year's Hoppy Holidays winter beer that has been aged in Bourbon barrels for a year and then blended to perfection.  Oak and Bourbon flavors mix with roasted malt and a touch of Yakima hops.

Upright Brewing Co

House (ABV 6.35%)

Portland, OR · www.uprightbrewing.com

  • Upright "House" is a spiced brown ale made with the famous Traquair House Brewery of Scotland in mind. Upright's take on the style uses coriander, long pepper and bitter orange peel along with a simple grist to produce a malty beer with burnt orange notes and a slight background spice. It's a one-off keg made just for this event.

For more details than what is listed above you will just have to show up on Saturday, between 3 and 11 to the Barrel House.

Saturday January 29th, 2011 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Cascade Barrel House Hosts the 1st Annual Scottish Festival
939 SE Belmont Street Portland, OR


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