Brewery Release: (NW) Get It Now (Again) ... Redhook Ales' Mudslinger Spring Ale

image Just a quick reminder that Redhook Ales' Mudslinger Brown Ale is back in circulation. With the weather being so chaotic it seems like a good time to release a Spring seasonal. But if you haven't seen it on the shelf at your local grocery store or on draft at a nearby pub, you will soon.

Here is what head brewer Greg Deuhs had to say regarding their Spring seasonal Mudslinger Brown Ale.

“Mudslinger is one of my favorite beers. We brew it in a traditional American Brown Ale style, using six of the highest quality malts available. The malts, which include pale, chocolate, three different caramels and a touch of roasted barley, lend flavor, complexity and offer excellent drinkability.” – Greg Deuhs, Redhook brewmaster

Beer Geek Information

  • Brewed in a traditional American Brown Ale style
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.8 percent
  • 30 international bittering units (IBUs)
  • 185 calories per 12 ounces

Mudslinger Spring Ale has a medium body and features malty layers of dark chocolate and caramel along with subtle notes of brown sugar and vanilla.

The seasonal ale was brewed with six barley malts and two hop varieties, creating a smooth, well balanced brown ale flavor.

Recommended Pairings:
Grilled meats, fowl, stews and even smoked oysters or salmon if you got’em.


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