Tonight, while the rest of you are running amok, trying to get that last minute gift for that special someone, men and women will be dressing up for the holiday. What's the occasion? It's the 5th Annual Santa and Friend's Pub Crawl.

Unlike typical pub crawls, where one drags their buzzed body from pub to pub, this is an opportunity to dress up like your favorite holiday mascot. Over the years, this annual tradition has seen grown men dress up like the New Year's Baby, Jesus, an elf, and of course Santa.

Starting at 6PM, tonight (12/21), the Santa and Friends pub crawl will begin it's journey from Piper's Creek. From there, roughly an hour later(approximately 7PM), the gang will make their way to Naked City, before continuing their journey to The Dray, The Leary Traveler, Brouwer's Cafe and finally stopping at The Duck Island.

For your benefit, we have shared a Google Map with the pushpins of the stops, to guide you on your way.

See ya there!

View (WA) Pre-Christmas Pub Crawl in a larger map


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