Shmaltz Brewing’s Jewbelation 14th Anniversary Ale, Is A Should Try

image courtesy of our Flickr page Christmas is almost here, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about that other holiday (gone from us since 12/9/2010), Chanukah. It, is of course the celebration of light. A time when Jews (and an occasional gentile or two) get together, recite the lords prayer while lighting the menorah.

All of this of course is past tense, but that doesn’t stop us from discussing a familiar brewery with everyone’s recognized brew Jew, Shamltz Brewing and their He’Brew Jewbelation Anniversary Ale. As with their previous Anniversary beers, the beer is comprised of equal number of hops and malts, based on the year since the brewery first started. This year, the brewery produced an ambitious 14% Ale with 14 different hops and 14 different malts.

For us, this will be another beer that eschews interpretation of style and instead begs the drinker to simply ask themselves, is this something I can enjoy.

image courtesy of our Flickr page He’Brew Jewbelation 14 is a dark ale that pours dark as night and vexes those that judge clarity, since it does not allow light to pass through. As the beer settles a strong frothy mocha foamy head rests on top, forming specs of lace inside the glass as the beer is slowly consumed.

Wafts of dominant flavors such as molasses, dark fruit (dates, prunes), roasted hour old coffee, dark chocolate and roasted caramel are recalled as one closes their eyes and takes in the aroma.

As the beer greets the lips initial elements of brown sugar, along with raisins and figs greet you before they are washed away by chocolate, a slight oak-iness and toffee elements telements that are, replaced by strong burnt coffee. Overall the beer has a slight heft as it rests on the tongue, but you are soon distracted from this as a lingering burn is felt in the pit of your stomach.

Brewery Description

Brewed with 14 malts, 14 hops, and soaring to 14% alc., Jewbelation 14® marks Shmaltz's boldest anniversary ale to date. Since its inception in 2004, Shmaltz’s Jewbelation® series has been touted by critics receiving top accolades including “5 Stars” from Celebrator Beer News, “Best Holiday Beer” by Pacific Brew News, and Playboy Magazine pegging Jewbelation Twelve® as one of the "Best Winter Brews." A recent issue of Beer Advocate (Volume II, Issue VIII) commented, “Today, Jeremy Cowan of Shmaltz Brewing Company is arguably making some of the best contract-brewed beers in America.”

image courtesy of our Flickr page Our Thoughts
You Should Try This
. With elements that evoke warmth from the fire, while sharing a glass, this beer should work exceptionally well when paired with chocolate, a nice piece of steak or some funky cheese. L'Chaim

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In accordance with new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and endorsements, the aforementioned company has provided me a free sample that was used for research prior to writing this review.

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