(NW) Get It Now ... Laurelwood Green Mammoth Organic Imperial IPA

image courtesy of Laurelwood BreweryPacific Northwest - Listen up all you collectors of one liter bottles, Laurelwood has released a beer to add to your collection.

With an emphasis on sharing, the limited edition / limited quantity, Imperial IPA will be available at each Laurelwood Public House and also at noted Grocery Stores in Oregon & Washington.

Here is what the brewery had to say about this year’s release.

As with every year’s Laurelwood Limited Release, this beer is very special, very limited and very delicious. We’ve created an ale that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family or whom ever you choose. While we suppose you could keep it all to yourself, we’ve always believed, ”A shared beer is a better beer.” Any way you savor it, we think you’ll find Organic Green Mammoth a wholly satisfying beer experience.  This is the Imperial (read big ‘ol) version of our Green Elephant Organic IPA. This beer is all about hops, hops and more hops. Cascade, Ahtanum and Amarillo hops added in the kettle, hop back and fermenter give this beer it’s kick.

Beer Geek Information

10% ABV / 85 IBUs / O.G. 19 º Plato.

As always if you don’t find it on the shelf, ask your grocer to hurry up and buy it!


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