image courtesy of our Flickr page Since we have a dark theme going this time of the year we decided to revisit an old friend, that we have never discussed. Located in Portland (Oregon), Portland Brewing’s MacTarnahan’s line of beers have demonstrated that a brewery can have an alter ego ego that focuses on seasonal-only beers. From their Lip Stinger Farmhouse, to their Spine Tingler Tripel; the brewery has reminded us well, of the Seasons. Like all things traditional this time of the year, MacTarnahan’s has re-brewed last year’s (and the year before that) Imperial Stout, Goose Bump.

Unfortunately, last year we in our eagerness to get holiday gift and grocery shopping done, we forgot all about this beer. But no sooner had we thought about this beer when we found one resting on our stoop from the men and women of Portland Brewing. Without being asked twice, we grabbed a glass, a camera, and some paper, and started enjoying Goose Bump Imperial Stout.

image courtesy of our Flickr page Goose Bump Imp. Stout starts out pouring dark with only a slight hint of burgundy resting near the bottom of the glass. As the beer settles you begin to notice an initial strong mocha-colored foamy head that recedes quickly, leaving nothing in the way of lacing behind.

One cannot help but pick up notes of roasted coffee, burnt toffee, and notes of vanilla as the beers head evaporates into the air.

Taking our first sip we are first reminded of a blend between sweet roasted toffee and minor notes of dark bakers chocolate, before the beer finishes dry with roasted coffee. Overall this beer is mild to medium when resting in ones mouth, but occasional a bit of creaminess comes through.

Brewery Description

Malts: 2 Row, Caramel, Roast Barley, Black, Chocolate, Oats
Hops: Perle
Spice: Latin America, East African, and Indonesian blend
Bitternes: 56 IBU
Alcohol By Volume: 9%
Availability: November through January

Goose Bump is a deliciously dark Imperial Stout brewed with roasted and chocolate malt, coffee beans, and bold hop flavor which percolate into a complex blend of fearsome intensity.

image courtesy of our Flickr page Our Thoughts.
You Should Try This. If there was a time where having a beer during brunch would be acceptable, this would be one of those beers. Although there is a roasted quality, we would more than likely recommend you try this with some bitter or funky cheese or maybe with some turkey (Thanksgiving / Christmas leftovers?)

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About the photo’s author
Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.

In accordance with new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and endorsements, the aforementioned company has provided me a free sample that was used for research prior to writing this review.

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