Issaquah, WA - Every adult out there has a childhood or adolescent memory of visiting the candy store and watching the taffy puller, or popcorn popper, as they went about their business. There was something magical and joyous about watching a man (or woman) produce a treat that you would later consume with your little fingers. Unfortunately, some of that joy seems to have been lost as the mysteries fade away with each realization of how things are made. Today, as in this morning (10 AM) you are invited to, for a moment, relive your childhood.

Starting at 10 AM, head brewer Steve Luke of Rogue's Issaquah Brewhouse will be brewing a special beer. The beer in question will be featured exclusively at three pubs; The Fiddler's Inn, Latona, and Hopvine. What makes this event even more special is that you will get a chance to see the owner of those 3 pubs assisting Steve as they brew the 23rd batch of this beer, Contraband.

Since 2005, Bob Brenlin has featured Rogue's Issaquah Contraband at his pubs. For Bob this is merely an amplification of his support Rogue Ales since the brewery first showed up in Washington state. Contraband, is an American-style India Pale Ale but with a twist, as each batch has an alteration made to the recipe. But for those that live around North Bend, Issaquah, or the Eastside (Redmond / Bellevue) and unwilling to make the trip to Seattle, you can check out this IPA at the 'Brewhouse after it's been tapped.

So stop reading this and get out there now!

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Wednesday November 17th, 2010 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (end time an estimation)
Bob Brenlin & Steve Luke Brewing Rogue Ales’ Issaquah Contraband IPA
35 W Sunset Way Issaquah, WA 98027 (425) 557-1911


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