Review: Epic Ales Cody Morris & Chef Travis Kukull, A Perfect Pairing

Last Friday we put another beer themed dinner to the test, hosted by Epic Ales. Attached is our review of the $25 small bites dinner.
Featured at this cozy event was a mix of vegetables, cheeses, and meats paired with the beers of artisan brewer Cody Morris. Since his opening, Cody has sought to change people's minds on beer and food pairings, through dinners and sample tastings. As the crowd began to swell inside the bar above the brewery, the food began to take shape.
5182580816_30e2c764b1_t[1]First item offered up was an aperitif in the form of beer-persimmon horseradish salad with goat cheese and served with Epic Ales' Simply Summer Saison. The combination of citrus, earth, and apple-like elements played wonderfully with the citrus, spice, and sweet characters of Cody's saison.
5181981875_49eec68c9a_t[1]Second course (and in keeping with small bites), was a Lamb Sausage, with tzakiki, pickled cucumber, and cilantro and served on caraway profiterole. Cody's choice for this beer was none other than his Scarlhet Caraway Spiced Ale. Given the use of caraway as a seasoning, for meats, cheeses and in rye bread, this pairing worked perfectly.
5182583220_41e52f3d0e_t[1]Third course was a Smoked Pork Belly, with vanilla quince, and asian mustard green satay and paird with Beatrice Szechuan peppercorns and cinnamon spiced Ale. For those not familiar Szechuan Peppercorns produce a mixture heat, hints of earthiness, and a lemon citrus. Admittedly this paired really well given the texture of the pork belly.
5182584936_30f912eeaf_t[1]Almost finished we enjoyed a Pomegranate, scallop escabeche, sea urchin mouse, sea weed salad served up with a refreshing Mathilda Imperial Kvass Ale. With elements of subtle tart and bready rye notes, as well as mint throughout this paired well as an opposite to the brine and mild citrus of the pomegranate.
5182585434_2395d3f6c1_t[1]Last before dessert was a Mushroom bone marrow rillete, sautéed garlic snails on toast featuring the Terra Saurus Mushroom Stout. As Terra Sarus is a Stout with Mushrooms this beer paired beautifully with the slightly sweet and earthy qualities presented by the rillete.
5182585870_e743116314_t[1]And finally, the talented chefs using a Kitchen Aid and dry ice, manufactured Caramel Ice cream beer float with Beer de Gourd Bier de Garde Ale. With elements of smoke, spices, and slightly sweet this beer held its own against the creatively prepared ice cream.
That's our review. Special thanks to Cody Lee Morris, Travis Kukull, and his assistant for providing us an opportunity to see what an Artisan Food Pairing can be when paired with beers brewed with a purpose.
In accordance with new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and endorsements, the aforementioned company has not provided me any free access which to use for research prior to writing this review.
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