Opinion: Must Read, "Lessons to Lawmakers From Beervana", And How It Affects Washington & Idaho

As is common for this writer, I often peruse the Internet for articles that inspire one to start a discussion.

Enclosed further down this mention is a story written by Jeff Merrick of "The Bizzy Life". What stuck out for me, was that for years we in the Northwest have respected the reputation (and solidarity) that Portland and Oregon, have shown, regarding the beer scene. No where else in the Northwest can you say that you will find more locally produced beers, than anywhere else.

I for one have been witness to this 'protectionism' on occasions, during trips to PDX’s many alehouses. For us we don’t mind it given the variety of ales and lagers drawn from the draft handles, if anything we encourage it.

This isn't to say that there aren't negative side-effects. Some say that the Oregon 'model', is too exclusionary and deprives people of competition, while others say that by protecting in state produced beer, you keep the unemployment numbers down.

Washington has similar measures in places, such as the infamous ‘triple-dipping’ three tier tax system (out of state breweries, pay an ‘import’ tax, before it gets to the distributor), which should benefit local producers. However, considering that Washington beer, is the fourth most recognized in its own state, we clearly have a lot of work to do.

Whichever way you see it, there are good and bad sides to Beervana. when one compares it to other Pacific Northwest States. But rather than continue this on-man, bipolar discussion, I instead invite you to read the article written by Jeff.

Lessons to Lawmakers From Beervana

After reviewing, please feel free to respond with your thoughts, either within the story from Jeff Merrick or on here.


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