(WA) Get It Now ... The Ram's LocaVore Fresh Hop Ale

image Seattle, WA - Nothing fancy but we would like to inform you that recently (10/4) the brewers in Seattle's Northgate Mall (aka, The Ram Brewery), released a Fresh Hop Ale. Say hello to Lovacore, an ale brewed with "Washington select Malt and fresh/wet Amarillos - Golden hued with a juicy grapefruit hop character - 6.3%.

Currently this beer is on tap at Northgate, but don't expect them to share a keg with the other locations (University Village, Kent, etc.).

Our Thoughts.
You Should Try
. With former Big Time & Elysian Brewer Kevin Forhan, manning the paddle, you know a beer such as this is going to be exceptional.

Also, for those of you in Kent, head over on the 19th for a rare tapping of CoConut Porter at 8:00 PM.

About The Ram

The Ram is a private, independent, family-owned and operated restaurant business. We were born on February 26, 1971 when our founders took their entrepreneurial spirit and experiences they received making pizza and serving beer at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor to open their own restaurant. That first restaurant was called the Ram Pub, which was a “Deluxe Tavern” that served hot food, including cook-your-own burgers and steaks, along with beer and wine.

The “Deluxe Tavern” concept gradually evolved throughout the ‘70s into our casual, full-service, family-oriented restaurants of today. Our brand grew further when we opened our first fine-dining dinner house in 1980.

In 1995 we launched the Big Horn Brewing Company. By brewing our own ales and lagers, we are able to offer our guests superior quality, nationally recognized, hand-crafted beers at value prices. During this time we created some of our first TV commercials, which can be viewed by clicking the link below. [more]


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