image Kent, WA - In life there are a few things that are aren't free, flying is one of them and neither are the in-flight meals (or blankets and pillows for that matter). But for those of us that live around the Puget Sound, aviation is something that we live with every day. Whether its the whir of an overhead aircraft, or the prospect of getting a full body scan before getting onboard a metal tube, we all need something to take the edge off.

Situated in Kent, WA and a molten lug nuts throw away from the 747 assembly plant, Airways Brewing is our hybrid brewery. The head of this weird freak of nature is brewer, owner, and occasional employee of a certain airline, Alex Dittmar.

Today he is proud to announce the release of a beer that both enthusiasts of aviation and those that detest the mundane of associations with flight, will enjoy. Named Sky Hag IPA; this bitter, b**ch of a beer, is sure to please the hop heads who really want drink to those dictators of the sky.

For the brewery this will be the first regular release beer since their opening in March. For us this will also be the first new beer we have had from them in some time and it does have our attention.

Here is what Alex Dittmar had to say about this beer.

“With this beer, we set out to celebrate a true American icon of aviation. One that I feel we’re all united in knowing, the Sky Hag,” says Airways Brewing Company founder and brewer, Alex Dittmar. “With a 7.8% alcohol level and bitterness of over 99 IBUs, this beer is definitely as bitter as she is.”

Sky Hag IPA is made with Pacific Northwest grown malted barley and all Columbus Hops from start to finish. A generous dose of “dry hops” give the beer its distinctive citrus aroma.

“We released this beer as a test batch during the summer in our tap room, and our customers loved it,” says Dittmar. “I’m thrilled to be able to add Sky Hag IPA to our regular tap room lineup, and to be able to distribute it as well.”

If the prospects of roasting one of the most unilaterally reviled occupations in all aviation is enticing, you are in luck. On October 28th the brewery will be hosting their new release on draft, on cask, and accented from a special oaked keg. Doors open at 4 PM, but your guess is as good as ours when they will taps that old oak bastard for you to savor.

So stop reading this and get ready to head down to Airways' tasting room, this Thursday!

Thursday October 28th, 2010 4:00 PM (opening)
Sky Hag IPA Release, Airways Brewery & Tasting Room
6644 S 196th St #T-100 Kent, WA, 98032

About Airways Brewing

Founded in spring of 2010, Airways Brewing Company is Kent, Washington’s microbrewery. The brewery produces five standard beers, Starliner Stout, First Class IPA, Jet City ESB, Sky Hag IPA, and T-Tail Blonde, and features casks and special-edition beers in its Kent tap room. Airways distributes its beer to fine microbrew specialty bars and taverns in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.

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