image courtesy of Grainville Island Brewing Vancouver, BC, Canada – Since the inception of this website, we have strived to discuss not just beer brewed in the Northwest, but also beer brought into the Northwest. Recognizing that there isn’t much coverage (and we are just as guilty) of our friend of the North, a Vancouver brewery wanted to remind us that they are still there, and they aren’t going anywhere.

Clearly this website’s direction has leaned more toward winter beers, and Grainville Island in Vancouver British Columbia would like to step and ask for your support, with the annual re-introduction of Lions Winter Ale from Granville Island Brewing!

Released this past Monday (10/18), this Winter Ale will soon be found on the store shelves, of your nearby liquor store, with hopes that you will consume it wherever the cold weather speaks to you.

“Every year we talk about the success of our Winter Ale and every year it gets even bigger!” says GIB’s Brewmaster Vern Lambourne. “Lions Winter Ale has adopted a cult like following of beer drinkers who inundate us with calls and emails as they anxiously await the seasonal release, so we’re very happy to say - it’s back!”

The vanilla-like finish of this full-bodied ale is a great excuse to get out of the cold and enjoy a craft beer made from the finest natural ingredients. Lions Winter Ale combines premium Crystal, Vienna and Munich malt with aromatic specialty Willamette and German Spalt hops, which give the beer a rich and robust flavour.

image courtesy of Grainville Island BrewingAs a side-note, the brewery would also like to remind you that they aren’t just about releasing great beers as they will have plenty of activities.In the coming weeks look to the brewery for their support in collaboration with the Movember campaign; with prizes, events and so much more.

A special mention to all you procrastinators out there, Winter Ale is a limited time beer. So between now and the end of February you have an opportunity to run out and celebrate the winter in your own way.

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 About Granville Island Brewing (GIB)

image courtesy of Grainville Island Brewing Established is 1984, Granville Island Brewing (GIB) is Canada’s first microbrewery offering a variety of award-winning beers which are brewed and sold here in BC. GIB is dedicated to handcrafting only the finest premium beers that are 100 per cent all-natural and brewed in small batches to provide consumers with the ultimate tasting experience. In celebration of their West Coast heritage GIB names each beer after iconic Vancouver locations that embody the local lifestyle. From the original Island Lager and English Bay Pale Ale, to Cypress Honey Lager, and now their latest innovation; Brockton IPA, GIB continues to produce a diverse portfolio of beers inspired by life on the West Coast. For more information, visit


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