Pacifc, WA – Word has come from head brewer Janelle Pritchard that their Fall seasonal release is fresh off the tanks and ready to be tasted, at a festival near you.

Named Feuerbier Smoked Ale, this beer has been brewed with a strong nod to German-style smoked ales, from Bamberg Germany. For the impatient you can expect to see this beer at Hops & Crops at the Mary Olson Farm (Auburn, WA 9/25), Fremont Oktoberfest (Seattle, WA 9/24-9/26), and the Anacortes Oktoberfest (Anacortes, WA 10/9). But if the prospect of waiting a few days is off-putting, you can visit the brewery now for a pint to sample.

For us we had to know more about this beer that is from a style we admire and seek out. Here's what Janelle had to say about Feuerbier Smoked Ale.

"... describes the beer as “slightly sweet with delicious smoky notes and a clean finish.” Inspired by the classic Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier of Bamberg, Germany, this beer was brewed with a new world twist by combining an American cherry wood smoked malt with Special Belgian Crystal, Two-row and Carapils malts, a touch of German Tettnanger hops, and TRB’s house ale yeast. Feuerbier Smoked Ale (German for “fire beer”) has the aroma and warm orange glow of autumn campfires. “We wanted a name which reflected its German heritage as well as evoking the flavor of this new ale” she added.

“I’m very pleased with the balance we achieved between the richness of the smoked malt and the flavors of underlying beer” continued Pritchard.  With an ABV of 5.6% this ale can be enjoyed through several pints and has already proven popular with taproom regulars as well as area brewers. “I poured Feuerbier at a charity event in Georgetown recently, and many of the other brewers attending came back for seconds and thirds” she remembered, “I’ve also had brewers ask about the recipe, so I hope I’ve helped to create an awareness of possibilities of this unique product from the Breiss Malting Company.”

As always if you want to see this or other Trade Route beers at your favorite alehouse, ask them to get a keg!

About Trade Route Brewing

Trade Route Brewing (formerly Laughing Buddha) was established in 2007 to explore the beer frontier. Their taproom in Pacific, WA pours beer for the adventurous made with a bounty of ingredients from around the world.


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