image courtesy of and Firstone Walker Paso Robles, CA - As we previously mentioned, Firestone Walker is soon to release their first new annual release beer, Velvet Merlin. Some of you are scratching your heads right now and wondering what Velvet Merlin is. Seems the folks in Paso Robles (California), realized that the beer needed a name change from Velvet Merkin to Merlin. Winner of numerous awards at the Great American Beer Festival, look to Velvet Merlin to replace the current seasonal Solace soon.

For your benefit we have attached a video from Firestone Walker's official YouTube site.

With a tentative launch date of October 1st, this Oatmeal Stout, will be ready for the coming seasons, when one needs a little darkness to escape the harshness of the (Falls / Winters) Northwest.

Velvet Merlin is the perfect beer for the holidays, a nice comforting creamy beer with familiar flavors.

“Anyone who has an attraction to coffee, any attraction to chocolate, will love this beer,” brew master Matt Bryndilson said. 

Velvet Merlin is also partially blended with Merlin that has been aged in bourbon barrels for a year. The aging adds even more complexity to this very rich beer. The use of US grown Fuggles gives the perfect hop flavor to this exceptionally well-balanced beer.

As always if you can't find it on draft or on the shelf, ask your server or grocer to buy some!

About Firestone Walker

Founded in 1996 on California’s Central Coast, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a regional brewery committed to quality, innovation and tradition. Firestone Walker Brewing Company remains the only American brewery to ferment beer in a union of oak barrels, a classic British brewing method that dates back to the mid 19th  century. Firestone Walker Brewing Company was named “Mid-Size Brewing Company of The Year” at the 2007 and 2003 Great American Beer Festivals and “Champion Brewery” for the category of Mid-Size Brewing Company at the 2010, 2006 and 2004 World Beer Cups.


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