(OR) Seven Brides Hosts This Year’s Septemberfest, 9-17 to 9-19

image Silverton, OR – Just a quick reminder for those of around the Silverton area, Septemberfest is coming and with it another chance to get that spirit of charity a head start. Benefiting the Silverton Volunteer Fire Association, Silver Area Community Aid, Silver Fox Foundation Scholarship Fund, you are invited to visit for this two day festival.

Featuring some of the best local restaurants, wineries, and breweries, there is something for everyone. The whole thing starts on Friday the 17th and rolls until Sunday night. For more information, visit the Seven Bridges website or contact them below.

September 17th, 2010 to September 19th, 2010
Septemberfest, Seven Brides Brewing
990 N. First Street Silverton, OR (503) 503-874-4677

About Seven Brides Brewing

Silverton, Oregon has much to offer. Known for its beautiful landscape of Silver Falls State Park and home of the Oregon Garden, it is rich with color and flavor. The town is lined with antique and coffee shops, restaurants and murals, but no micro-breweries, until now.
Seven Brides Brewing is changing that aspect.
Several years ago, three dads and two uncles would gather on a Saturday in one of their garages to master the art of home brew. Before long, the salesman of the group said, “You know, this is good enough to sell.” So the friends set out to do just that.
The name “Seven Brides” actually came from the dads’ kids. Between the three of them, they have only daughters. With the rising cost of wedding nuptials, the guys decided they needed to sell enough beer to pay for their daughters weddings. Each of the girls has a beer named after her.

With five business partners, each of the guys brings an important element to the company.
Josiah Kelley is president of the company, bringing many talents with him.
He is a custom fabricator, physical plant engineer,
and is able to step in wherever needed.
Josiah and his wife have three of the Seven Brides.
Phill Knoll is the head brewer and chemistry major.
Phill and his wife have two of the Seven Brides.
Karl Knoll is our assistant brewer and plant manager.
Ken DeSantis is head of accounting, and also
the vice-president of a local successful landscape company.
Jeff DeSantis is the sales and marketing director, having been in sales for over 16 years.
Jeff and his wife have the remaining two of the Seven Brides. –
source, Seven Brides Brewing


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