image courtesy of Double Mountain Brewery Hood River, OR – Seems it’s been awhile, since we last mentioned Double Mountain and a beer release party. Consider us daft, for not mentioning them enough. Tonight, if you have forgotten or have not heard, Double Mtn. will be releasing their Von Stuke Vinne Lager.

Come on down to the Taproom to celebrate the release of “Von Stuke’s Vienna”, a richly delicious orange-hued lager that’s been aging patiently for much of the summer. We’ll have some killer German-style snacks on hand to complement the brew, along with the oom-pah stylings of “Bob Kasnick and the High Fives Band”, starting at 5pm. Should be a hoot.

With thoughts centered on the traditional harvest lager brewed from the regions of Bavaria and Austria, brewer Matt Swihart, conceived of this darker-than expected much maltier beer. Best enjoyed during the celebration of the harvest, with the sounds of tubas and singing in the background, this beer sounds tasty and we haven’t even got a lederhosen to wear while sipping on this.

Here is what Matt Swihart had to say about this beer.

Germany’s version is the Oktoberfest while the Vienna of Austria is the more subtle version. Both beers are lagers and cold cellared for many weeks to achieve the smoothness and roundness typical of the style.

“Von Stuke’s Vienna was primary fermented with a Bavarian lager yeast strain for its early childhood and then finished with a secondary ferment introduced by krausening (adding young fermenting beer) with Kölsch for its adolescence. The beer was aged an additional 6 weeks to allow the melding of flavors and tone. The maltiness and body of the beer is especially owed to the generous use of the malt of its city namesake, which provides a slight nutty, caramel, and toasted character to the beer.

“I named the beer after a long-defunct bar in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago named Von Stuke’s Hofbrau, owned by Fred Stukenburg. Von Stuke’s was a small German dive bar in North Chicago that featured an impressive array of fresh german lagers. This was where I tasted the freshest Bavarian beers this side of the Atlantic and sat in wonder as the local Chicago clientele saddled up next to me after a hard day at the packing plant.”

Beer Geek Data

Brewed with pilsner, light Munich, Vienna and crystal malts, and Sterling and Brewer’s Gold hops. 5% ABV, 27 BU

About Double Mountain Brewery

image of Double Mountain's pub courtesy of
 Pete4ducks' Flickr pageMatt Swihart and Charlie Devereux founded Double Mountain in 2007 with a clear mission: make great beer for craft beer fans. Ours is a “brewers' brewery”, with an uncompromising focus on beer quality.

From the beginning, our goal was to make beers that we liked to drink. All of our beers are served up unfiltered and long-aged, to deliver maximum flavor and character. The beers can be very complex and assertive, but with the ultimate goal of proper balance. We aim to satisfy both the hardcore aficionados and the more casual craft beer fan, all in the same glass. [more] -source, Double Mountain Brewery's website


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