(WA) Review: Pub at Piper’s Creek Smoke Off 2010, Looking Forward To Next Year

image of the limited edition Smoke Off 2010 work shirts courtesy of our Flickr page Seattle, WA - Monday is here and our hair STILL smells like oak chips, spicy cigars, and Kingsford briquettes. What that means, is that we spent waay too much time in North Seattle but for a good reason. Now in its fifth year of inception, the Smoke Off held at Piper's Creek in the Greenwood neighborhood, is a rite of passage for the aspiring carnivore or barbecue enthusiast alike. If you salivate thinking of ribs, pork belly, whole chicken or even scallops, this was the event not to miss.

Starting at 1 PM, with the bludgeoning of a 5 foot-tall effigy of a swine, the Smoke Off offered something for everyone. Hell, there was even seafood at this event, as one person brought large scallops and crab cakes. For us, our favorites were the kangaroo, habanero bbq glazed chicken breast (moist like a sponge), pork belly, and large scallops (soo good). There was even bacon wrapped Twinkies, for those who needed a reminder of what "Stuffed French Toast" (from IHOP) would taste like.

image of a pre-cooked bacon wrapped twinkie courtesy of our Flickr pagePaired with this feast of flesh were several local beers from Schooner Exact, Pike, Breakaway Brewing (former brewer of Water Street), Baron, plus a few out-of-towners. In the end we settled on a glass of cask Pike (with Lemonade) Weisse-Radler, Baron Pilsner, and Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Barleywine, before slowly falling victim to a self-induced food coma.

Unfortunately, as we were leaving though, we noticed some new (but familiar) faces arriving, too late to sample some of the early offerings, but in time to try the chipotle drumettes, that rested on the plate like a poultry holocaust. As for us, we went home, reached for a spinach salad and pondered if a burning ring of fire would remain a famous song or the words uttered the next day. Thanks Piper's and the whole barbecue crew, you showed this omnivore that there is a time and place where one CAN have too much meat.

image of an accurate representation of the Smoke Off courtesy of our Flickr pageAbout Pub at Piper’s Creek

Piper's is the premium stop in N. Seattle for high quality beer with the best pub food in town. Stop by and try the 2-for-1 burger special on Mondays and enjoy a game of pool, rip a tune out of the legendary jukebox, and some fine ales or cocktails! –source, Pub at Piper’s Creek Facebook page

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