(WA) Attention Aspiring Artists, Redesign Baron Brewing's Label And Win $100

Seattle, WA - If you didn't realize this, our countries major "domestic" breweries were founded by German's. With that came beer influenced by cellar-like conditions, or as we call them, Lagers. Believe it or not Budweiser, Miller, and Coors, brewed Lagers both pre and post Prohibition. Alternatively, today's craft brewers prefer the quick return under more Spring-like conditions, or Ales.

In the northwest, we have our fair share of Ales, but very few lagers. In Washington state, the brewers of Alpine, Chuckanut, and Baron, come to mind whenever we ponder a brewery that had dedicated its livelihoods to the bottom fermenting yeast. In the city of Seattle, it was Baron, the brewery with the tap handles featuring that familiar crest. Known for their Pilsner (between others) the brewery has been brewing German-style lagers, for almost a decade.

But like all things, change has to come, sooner rather than later. The brewery knows this, but they need your help for inspiration. Introducing, their label design Artwork content.

Here at Baron Brewing we have sported the same look for a long time and feel it's time to update ourselves.  We love our Baron beers and want to present them in a way that says we are craft German beer lovers from the Northwest.  We need your help to give Baron  Brewing a new look.  We're looking for new artwork for posters, bottles, signs, coasters and anything else we can think up.

If you have artistic skills and would like to donate your artwork we would like to see what you can do.

On October 1st we will pick the top three pieces of artwork and give away $100 gift certificates to Pillagers Pub in Greenwood Washington. –source, Jeff Smiley owner of Baron Brewing

We don't any more comment regarding this one of a kind opportunity, other than you better act fast! For more information and to submit your ideas, contact Baron Brewing owner Jeff Smiley at the brewery, jeff@baronbrewing.com.

About Baron Brewing

Mike Baker and Jeff Smiley founded Baron Brewing in the beginning of 2003. A brewery has been in the works for sometime. Lots of discussions on what if we had a brewery were had, over lots of good German beer. The opportunity came for us to travel to Germany to really get involved with the German brewing process and ideology - as well as sample the best beer on earth. After that trip, the direction of the brewery was set. German beer had to be re-discovered by the population. After many discussions on opening a brewery and a trip to Germany, the dream became reality.

We found an existing brewery to purchase - Lunar Brewing. After purchasing Lunar and getting approved for all the necessary licensing, Baron is ready to go. On June 14th, the world of Seattle will have the chance to finally taste and purchase Baron Beer. The first style of many to be released is our flagship beer - Munich Lager.That is all for the history. We are growing on a daily basis and plan to be around for quite some time. -source, Baron Brewing's website http://www.baronbeer.com/about.html


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