(OR) Get It Now … Laurelwood Brewing’s, Cascadian Kolsch

image courtesy of Laurelwood's Twitter account Portland, OR - If you didn't visit the Laurelwood Public Houses in PDX yet, you might want to pop to sample something different. Already you have heard of breweries making a beer sometimes called a Cascadian Dark Ale, sometimes called a Black India Pale Ale, or India Black Ale. However, the style itself it seems is relative, given that Laurelwood just introduced their take on Cascadian with the release Cascadian Kolsch.

Although we are nowhere near the brewery, we are curious what a Cascadian Kolsch is. If this is anything like a Cascadian Dark Ale (ala India Brown Ale), we are sure this will be tasty. Here is what the brewery had to say about this beer.

A Northwest rendition of a German classic ale.  Crisp malty flavor and a clean finish is a nod to the Noble hops with which it is brewed.  The heavy handed dry hopping with Citra hops finishes this beer with a Northwest kick.
35 IBU / OG 14.7 plato  /  6.3 ABV

Given that this was just released, it should be around for the next couple of weeks. But I wouldn't wait forever to check it out. If anyone has a chance once they sample it, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Laurelwood Brewery & Public House
5115 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR‎ (503) 282-0622‎

Laurelwood Brewery & Public House
2327 Northwest Kearney Street Portland, OR 97210-3015 (503) 228-5553


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