Portland, OR – A few days ago we noticed from a familiar site a new beer coming from MacTarnahan’s.

MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co, recipient of the 2009 Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal for its near-mythic Amber Ale™, is poised to reveal its darkest thought yet: Inkblot Porter, the rich black liquid cipher whose mania of malts spills its secrets in every sensationally warming sip.

The latest beer to premiere in MacTarnahan’s Big Bottle Series of thankfully ample 22 oz. seasonal specialty beers, Inkblot is a deep, dark and delicious figment of brewing imagination whose smooth malt taste is ideal for blotting out autumn’s chill and warming conscious and subconscious minds alike. The brewer’s unique interpretation of history’s British Baltic Porters is created from Munich, Caramel, Special B, and Carafa malts as well as Perle variety hops, which provide a uniquely clean flavor and finish. What arrives in the glass at the start of your session is a picture worth a thousand words and a distinctively malt-focused abstraction of ale whose subtle notes of plum and cherry surround a round, velvety palate to provide the rich warmth demanded by cooler days.

imageBrewed as a public mental health service, Inkblot is scheduled to drive the psyches of Pacific Northwest beer aficionados mad with yearning from August through October at select social establishments and beverage agents in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. The full Inkblot test may be taken only at brewery alehouses in Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and Sacramento, where Inkblot will appear on tap in its freshest form. The journey to this dark place, however, must be undertaken soon for only 477 cases of this insanely delicious porter will see the light of day.

Starting today only you are invited to visit the Pyramid Brewery (owners of Portland Brewing & MacTarnahan’s), to check out the Ink Blot on draft. With Pint specials and giveaways, who would turn this down. We have included the details for this event.

August 5th, 2010 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
MacTarnahan’s Ink Blot Baltic Porter Release
91 South Royal Brougham Way Seattle, WA 98134


MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co. is the brewer of full-flavored specialty beers that come without regrets of any kind. Somewhat obsessively handcrafted at our brewery in Northwest Portland, Oregon, MacTarnahan’s ales continue to be venerated by consumers and experts alike. In 2009, MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale took the gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest, which named us America’s Mid-Size Brewer of the Year in 2008. (Nice laurels, but now is no time to rest on them…)

As always if you can’t find it on draft or on the shelf, ask your server, bartender or grocer to buy some!


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