(WA) Iron Horse Brewing Is Opening A Second Location In Downtown Ellensburg

image Ellensburg, WA - With a little inspiration from Beer Spot, we discovered that the brewery in Ellensburg is expanding their pub opportunities with a second location downtown. With an anticipated opening soon, the new spot will be located at 416 North Main Street (presumed to be the former location of D&M Scooters), and approximately one (1) mile from their brewery & tasting room.

Current mockup indicates that they will have five (5) of their beers on draft, indoor seating, and a beer garden. Currently the new location will not feature food, but will honor any food brought in or delivered to the location. It's worth noting that unlike your run of the mill pub, the owners of Iron Horse enlisted local artists Austin J Smith and Toby Williams. Continuing the trend, the brewery also installed Marmoleum flooring to complement the countertops and interior features of the new spot.

And for those not willing to brave the crowds at the brewery, you are more than welcome to bring in your growlers for fillup to take with you.

Those still reading this are probably curious why the need for a second location, especially given the proximity to the each other. The fact is, the current location at 1000 Prospect Street (Suite 4) had become so popular with the locals and college students alike, that it became frustrating to find a spot to stand let alone sit. Course if you are a long time local, the idea of any business expanding rather than contracting, is welcome to the local economy.

Look for the new location to be opened soon. Congrats guys, we look foreword to hitting you up for a beer soon.

About Iron Horse Brewery

The Iron Horse Brewery that opened its doors in December of 2004 was a bit different than today. It had a very mom and pop feel, and featured a look that was as traditional as it gets. Those who knew of it visited regularly, but the regulars were few. For many, the brewery was a thing shrouded in mystery... college students-which comprise a fair percentage of Ellensburg's population for most of the year-would occasionally see a bottle on a store shelf and ask where it came from. The likely response:

"Yeah, I think some dude makes that in his basement or something..."

The word just wasn't getting out, and things didn't look good for the tiny brewery that made exceptionally tasty ales.

Well, a couple of hoodlums in their late-twenties jumped on the opportunity to own and operate their own brewery, and what resulted is the Iron Horse Brewery you know and love today. They tweaked some recipes, changed some names, threw some ridiculous theme parties to encourage locals to actually see the brewery with their own eyes, and good things started to happen. Locals started to dig what the guys were doing. A few bars took a chance and put Iron Horse back on tap, and the beer started flowing.

The word started getting out.

The young men felt driven by a sort of manifest destiny, and they took their beer on the road. Off to Spokane, where the people yearned for a bigger selection of ales from the Eastern side of the Mountains. Over the mountains to battle for the hotly-contested taps of the west side. North and South along 97, driving deep into the heart of Hop Country. Everywhere they went, gracious business owners and managers gave them and their Ales an opportunity...
And good things continued to happen.

Whether it was the quality of the beer, the unique look of the packaging, or the bordering-on-annoying persistence of the sales force, things started to work. … –source, Iron Horse Brewery 

You can stop by our tasting room to learn about and taste the beer, buy a case or fill a growler, take a tour or down a few pints at the bar, or just give us a hi-five. –source, Iron Horse Brewery


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