Washington Brewers Festival: Still Undecided, Here Are Some Thoughts

Admittedly this writer is waaaay late to get something written up regarding the festival, but between the massive list of beers and the prospect of how to get to the festival, we got sidetracked.

If you are reading this, chances are you haven’t visited Seattle Beer News or Washington Beer blog who have contributed much in regards to tips. But while you’re here let’s go over each brewery and see what would be a suggested beer for you to try.

  • 192 Brewing- Kenmore, WA
    Bier de Garde:
    if you are new to Belgian beers in Washington state, this is another chance to sample what a Washington brewer’s idea is.
  • 7 Seas Brewing*- Gig Harbor, WA
    Rude Parrot IPA (Spring/Summer Seasonal IPA): Available both at the brewery and select pubs, this should hit the spot. Over the Edge Pick, Ballz Deep Double IPA (Double IPA)
  • Airways Brewing- Kent, WA
    Triple Chocolate Stout (Stout): First premiered during the WABL bus tour, this is a limited edition beer and will change your perspective of color versus taste. Over the Edge Pick, First Class IPA (IPA)
  • Alpine Brewing- Oroville, WA
    Alpine HefeWeizen (HefeWeizen): Alpine’s newest release, this will make you ponder Oktoberfest in September.
  • Anacortes Brewery*- Anacortes, WA
    Mai Oh Maibock (Maibock): Another lager amongst a sea of ales. Want something with a nice toffee sweet center this is it. Over the Edge Pick, Belgian Dubbel (Belgian Dubbel)
  • Baron Brewing/Three Skulls Ales*- Seattle, WA
    Three Skulls Blood Orange Wit (Witbier): Hoegarden is too watered down for our taste, so we are curious what this one will do to convince us there is a good Wit out there. Try this one with or without an Orange.Over the Edge Pick, Hop the Plank IPA (IPA)
  • Big Al Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Summer Lager (Helles): Bring on the lagers. Alejandro and company never disappoint and this is sure to be another great beer from the homebrewer that did rather than should. Over the Edge Pick, Belgian Tripel (Tripel)
  • Big Time Brewery- Seattle, WA
    Wheat beer (American Wheat): By now you are picking up the trend here, light in color and light in alcohol. If the weather holds this will definitely be another beer to gravitate to.Over the Edge Pick, Trombipulator (Belgian Tripel)
  • Black Raven Brewing*- Redmond, WA
    Jerked Brown Porter (Herb & Spiced Ale). We don’t really have to say much this brewery other than spice and porter should be a good combination. Over the Edge Pick, Malt & Vine 3rd Anniversary (Sour Mash Rye)
  • Boundary Bay Brewery- Bellingham, WA
    Peach Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale)
    . Not known for releasing one offs to the public (outside of a beer festival) this should be a welcome refreshment if you have been working your way through the list so far. Over the Edge Pick, German Tradition Single Hop Pale Ale (Pale Ale)
  • Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen- Bellingham, WA
    Kolsch (German Ale). Under the creative efforts of Head Brewer Kevin Davies, you can’t wrong with anything that comes from the ‘other’ Bellingham brewery.
  • Diamond Knot Brewing*- Mukilteo, WA
    Whip Ale (American Pale Ale). If you have been reading this website you have an idea of what this beer is. On the other hand if you are unsure what a rocker can come up with in a beer, swing by and try it out.
  • Elliott Bay Brewing- Seattle & Burien, WA
    Wit von Boorian (Belgian Wheat Beer). Another opportunity to try out a Wit (Wheat Beer) and please try it first without any fruit and decide what your preference is.
  • Elysian Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Mens Room Original Red. With portions of the sales going to VA Puget Sound Fisher House and Ft. Lewis Fisher House and brewed for KISW, this is a rare treat outside of the brewery. Side note, this beer should be in bottles soon, for those who only get their beer from a grocery store.
  • Fish Brewing*- Olympia, WA
    Starfish Imerpail Red Ale** (Imperial Red Ale). One of the few times we will insist on a Friday visit. We are big fans of Red Ales so this should have a little umph behind it since its an Imperial.
  • Flyers Restaurant & Brewery*- Oak Harbor, WA
    Pacemaker Porter (Robust Porter). A nice classic Porter from the same people that have given us Bottleworks’ Anniversary Scotch Ale and Sick Duck Imperial Stout. Over the Edge Pick, Afterburner Mach II IPA** (IPA). Another great reason to visit Friday.
  • Foggy Noggin Brewing*- Bothell, WA
    Kastrated Dawg** (Strong Ale). Having met the owners and head brewer (one in the same) we can attest that this man has a crush on English style ales. ‘Dawg despite being a Friday only beer is one that shouldn’t be passed up given its limited status.
  • Fremont Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Universale Pale (Pale Ale). Fremont’s first beer, started out actually as a test batch at last year’s festival. Oddly enough, they ran out before the festival even concluded, but we are sure that won’t be the case this year. Over the Edge Pick, Mystere de l'ete (Mystery beer) / Scary Monster Double IPA** (Ridiculous IPA). We aren’t sure on these two beers but we have a suspicion that Matt Lincoln (formerly of Goose Island) hasn’t held back with these two beers.
  • Gallagher's Where U Brew- Edmonds, WA
    Magnum PI…A (IPA) / Citra Blond (Blond Ale) / Eric the Red (Red IPA). Every one of these beers is a crap-shoot given the store selling you the opportunity to create your own beer. We look forward to hearing the feedback on this ‘brewery’
  • Georgetown Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Lucille (IPA). Premiered during Seattle Beer Week, Lucille has gone through some changes and we are sure it will be different again as they brewery get’s it right (in their intent).
  • Hale's Ales Brewery*- Seattle, WA
    Supergoose (IPA). Winner at the Concordia Alehouse Washington Beer Cup. Try out a familiar friend again or for the first time. Over the Edge Pick, SBW (Double IPA). Recognized as the official beer of Seattle Beer Week, this is a definitely try before its gone, brew.
  • Harmon Brewing*- Tacoma, WA
    Scott's Puget Creek Vanilla Porter (Flavored Brown Porter). We have to admit we are curious on this beer since Vanilla Porters are hard to develop and impress multiple people.
  • Hood Canal Brewery*- Kingston, WA
    Dabob Bay (IPA). A nice classic from the brewery from Kitsap, a nice standby when you want to drink something familiar.
  • Iron Horse Brewery*- Ellensburg, WA
    Quilter's Irish Death (Dark Smooth Ale). Feeling sentimental? We will be having ourselves a sample of this beer since it holds so much given that we met Jim Quilter many times. If you have this beer, raise a toast to the man who continues to stymie people, who try and categorize this beer. Over the Edge Pick. Biere de Garde (French Ale). Again, the theme is rare beers, and this is a rare one outside of the brewery.
  • Issaquah Brewhouse- Issaquah, WA
    White Frog (Wit Bier). Another light beer in a sea of strong ales, you can’t miss the breweries iconic tap handles with the frogs fixed atop.
  • Lazy Boy Brewing*- Everett, WA
    Nacho Pilsner (Dry Hopped Chiles/Pilsner). Last year this beer was so popular that people kept asking for it, despite it being a Friday only beer. Over the Edge Pick. Oscuro Con Chiles** (Infused/Porter)
  • Mac & Jack's Brewing- Redmond, WA
    African Amber (Amber). Go with the classic and if you haven’t heard of this beer, you aren’t from the Northwest.
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing- Seattle, WA
    Maybock Lager (Helles Style Lager). Maybock. Another great lager for those who prefer something clear and refreshing.
  • McMenamin's Brewery*- Seattle, WA
    Terminator Stout (Stout). The classic stout featured in neon at their many public houses, its worth trying if you’ve never been to a McMenamin’s.
  • Naked City Brewery*- Seattle, WA
    Yankee Drifter (Pilsner). We had a chance to taste this before it premiered and this will be a hit for all those light lager fans. Don Webb has done it again. Over the Edge, Hopacalypse Now** (Double IPA)
  • Northern Lights Brewing*- Spokane, WA
    Chocolate Dunkel (German Style Dark Ale). Not sure how, but this beer seems to sell out everytime. Get there early to try this beer and let us know your thoughts.
  • Odin Brewing- Seattle, WA
    Odin's Gift (Ruby Red) / Freya's Gold (Kolsch). Mastering consistency first, this brewery despite having only two beers, knows how to make it right everytime. Freya’s Gold get’s our vote for sunny weather, and if the clouds should roll in, Odin will hit the spot.
  • Old Schoolhouse Brewery*- Winthrop, WA
    Blazing Amber (American Amber). If you have heard of Wintrhop brewing or remember the iconic western tap handles, then say hello to the brewery under new ownership and re-envisioned. Blazing Amber from what we have tasted, is a must try amber.
  • Pike Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Dry Wit (Belgian White Beer). Drew premiered this beer at Latona during the transition from Dark Winter ales to Light Spring Ales. Retooled, this beer is clean and crips and dare we say it, makes us thirsty just writing about it.
  • Port Townsend Brewing*- Port Townsend, WA
    Hop Diggidy (IPA). One of the few India Pale Ales we are happy to suggest you re-try.
  • Pyramid Breweries*- Seattle, WA
    Thunderhead IPA. We only suggest this beer as a preview for the over edge beer. A balanced India Pale Ale, try this beer before taking the plunge and having a Outburst (Double IPA). Over the Edge Pick, Outburst (Double IPA)
  • Ram Restaurant & Brewery*- Seattle, WA
    Black Sheep IPA (IPA). We are curious regarding this since Cascadian Dark Ale / India Black Ales, are the rage right now.
  • Redhook Ale Brewery*- Woodinville, WA
    Rope Swing (Summer Pilsner). Balanced and with a sense that you have had this beer before, Rope Swing is one to enjoy either at the festival or grab a six pack for a day spent at the grill. Over the Edge Pick, Big Ballard Imperial IPA (Imperial IPA).
  • Rock Bottom Brewery*- Seattle, WA
    Raw City Red Ale (Irish Red Ale) / Saison au Printomps (Farmhouse Ale). Can’t say much about these guys since in year’s past they were noticably absent. Welcome them to the festival by trying the Saison au Printomps.
  • Rock Bottom Brewery*- Bellevue, WA
    Hop Bomb IPA (IPA). Award winner Brian Young’s wonderful India Pale Ale is a must have no matter where you are. Nice to see this beer on draft again. Over the Edge Pick, Pretty N Pink (Raspberry Wheat)
  • Roslyn Brewing- Roslyn, WA
    Roslyn (German Style Dark Lager) / Brookside (German Style Pale Lager). We won’t make you choose, but please consider if you are attracted to the dark side or the light.
  • Schooner Exact Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Gateway Golden (Golden Ale). This one has our vote for most curious from one of the first Nano breweries in the area. Over the Edge Pick, Imperial Project #2: Virgil Gamachinator** (IPA)
  • Scuttlebutt Brewing*- Everett, WA
    Mateo Loco (Imperial Red Ale). Matt Stromberg is truly loco to have made this Red Ale. Check it out and see if you can spot Moe.
  • Seattle Beer News/Big Al Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Passive Aggressive Wheat (Hoppy American Wheat Ale). A first if we have ever heard of it, a blogger / writer sponsoring their own beer. Swing in and check out the beer and learn more about the blog. Cheers.
  • Silver City Brewery*- Silverdale, WA
    Fat Scotch Ale (Scotch Ale). Don’t really care what people say, this beer will always be Fat Bastard to us. Rarely seen these days, you should have a sip while its still around. Over the Edge Pick. Whoop Pass IPA (Double IPA)
  • Skookum Brewery*- Arlington, WA
    Katspaw (Blonde Ale). Our money is on this brewery but given their limited availability its still one you wouldn’t want to pass up all the way in Kenmore.
  • Snipes Mountain Brewing- Sunnyside, WA
    Dos Borracho's (Pilsner Lager). Pretty much everything that Chris touches seems to be a hit. Not sure on this one, but we are intrigued. Over the Edge Pick, Cask Twangzister Sour Cherry Stout** (Barrel Aged Sour)
  • Snoqualmie Falls Brewing*- Snoqualmie, WA
    Black Frog (Nitro Stout). shunning the light and escaping into the darkness, this one is approved by the Mrs. Over the Edge Pick. Sunstroke** (Imperial Pilsner)
  • Trade Route Brewing- Pacific, WA
    Chieftan Amber (Amber Ale). Check this one out or head down to Pacific and give them a try.
  • Two Beers Brewing*- Seattle, WA
    Crooked Belgian Wit (Belgian Wit). Believe it we can’t stop talking about this Wit. Featured at various bars, Joel is really making progress to being a well known brewery. Keep up the good work.

Well that’s it, it was long to read and even longer to write. Happy hunting to each and every one of you and see you at the fest!