(WA) Get It Now … Big Time Wheatapaug Groove American Wheat, Brewed By Asst. Bradley Zimmerman

image of Big Time Brewery's Assistant Bradley Zimmerman courtesy of Big Time Brewery's Flickr page

Seattle, WA – It’s  common for anyone to walk into their favorite bar, alehouse, or brewpub, sit down at the bar and have a pint. What is also common is not pondering the father of your ale or lager, but instead thanking the brewery for hiring that brewer who made such a great beer.

For those beer geeks among us, we pay closer attention to whom brews our beer and where it comes from. If you love Pikes Double India Pale Ale, you have Drew Cluley to thank. If you enjoy a savory Elysian The Wise E.S.B., Dick Cantwell inspired it. And if you love a Big Time Bhagwan’s Best India Pale Ale, then thank Bill Jenkins. Truth is, these are often the faces of the brewery that we know and respect, but every so often, the assistant gets a shot to come up with something.

For a little while now, Bradley Zimmerman (formerly of Elysian’s “Elysian Fields” Brewpub) has been an acting assistant under Bill Jenkins. Most of the time he is cleaning kegs, brewing beer recipes, or other tasks. But what we didn’t know was he got to make his own beer for the brewery and alehouse.

Named Wheatapaug Groove American Wheat, this “sessionable” 5.00-5.50% American-style Wheat Ale, is a bit hoppier than your standard ‘Wheat beer’. Brewed with Chinook, Amarillo, and Cascade hops, the beer is sure to be a hit when its poured not only at the pub but also during the ‘Father’s Day’ Festival.

We are looking forward to trying your beer dude, see you at the festival or the pub!


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